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Horse Advisory

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Intent and Purpose

The San Diego County Equine Education Advisory Committee is comprised of a diverse and representative group of 4-H YDP youth, adult volunteers, and staff with an interest in equine education. The purpose of the committee includes the following:


  • Represent the interests of equine activities and programs throughout the county
  • Organize and implement the annual 4-H Equine Field Day
  • Organize and implement the annual 4-H Equine Educational Contests
  • To increase general equine awareness and educational opportunities
  • Establish direction for countywide equine programs and identify opportunities for youth interested in the program
  • Develop and maintain a budget for San Diego County equine events, including fundraising plans
  • Gather input on program direction, events, educational opportunities and other matters pertaining to the San Diego County 4-H equine program
  • To locate, review, and make recommendations on equine educational materials
  • Seek collaborative opportunities with other groups or organizations as appropriate



Equine animals have been among the most economically important domesticated animals. Horses and humans interact in many ways, not only in a wide variety of sports and non-competitive recreational pursuits, but also in working activities such as agriculture, entertainment, assisted learning, and therapy. Horses can carry humans or perform work such as pulling carts or plows. Hundreds of distinct horse breeds were developed, allowing horses to be specialized for certain tasks: lighter horses for racing or riding, heavier horses for farming and other tasks requiring pulling power. Some horses, such as the miniature horse, can be kept as pets. 4-H horse projects allow members to raise, train, and show horses. Click Equine Education for more information.

The San Diego County 4-H Youth Development Program offers a wide variety of equine projects including English & western, gymkhana, judging, miniature, trail riding, and ponies. 


San Diego County 4-H horse projects help youth:

  • Acquire skills in horse management by owning a horse or pony and being responsible for it.
  • Appreciate riding as recreation.
  • Learn horsemanship skills.
  • Understand breeding, training, and raising of horses as a business.
  • Acquire safety skills to prevent injury to persons and animals.
  • Promote love and humane treatment of animals.