Wildfire Awareness Week

The purpose of the Living With Fire in the Tahoe Basin program is to provide homeowners with wildfire threat reduction recommendations developed by Nevada and Lake Tahoe's firefighting experts. This program also provides suggestions about what to do during and after a fire. The Tahoe Basin Living with Fire program is a collaboration of the University of Nevada and University of California Cooperative Extensions.

The goal of the Lake Tahoe Basin Wildfire Awareness Week was to encourage individual action to reduce the threat of wildfire to homes and communities. Activities provided information and resources to upgrade homes and create defensible space around them. Fire resistant homes have fire-rated roofs, covered vents to reduce the risk of ember intrusion, fire resistant construction materials and are in good repair. Creating defensible space involves selecting and maintaining vegetation near the home, thereby reducing the risk homes will be ignited and destroyed during a wildfire.

Go to the Tahoe Living with Fire website for more information on preparing your home for wildfire.

Past Events: