Recovering from Wildfire

Disaster Recovery

These resources are designed to help families recover from a wildfire. When facing the stress and financial challenges brought on by a disaster, your family needs resources and they need them fast.

Look to your local county and federal government for resources during a wildfire.

Returning Home

Safely Returning to Your Home After a Wildfire

What to do With Food and Medication After a Wildfire

Evaluating Damage to Your Home After a Wildfire

Livestock / Pet Resources

Wildfires, Smoke & Livestock 

UC Davis Veterinary Medicine: Wildfire and Health

Coping with Stress

No one who experiences disaster is untouched by it. While it's normal to feel stress after a disaster, experiencing too much at one time can negatively impact your family's recovery process. These resources can help you understand your stress, and better cope with stress following a disaster.

Moving Towards Recovery

A natural disaster can strike anywhere, any time. If you or a loved one has been affected by a natural disaster, it's important to know that recovery takes time and can be a complex process. There are no easy fixes and no guarantees. The Family Financial Toolkit is a comprehensive, award-winning resource that helps families move toward financial recovery following a disaster. Developed in partnership with University of Minnesota Extension and North Dakota State University of Minnesota Extension, the toolkit is based on research regarding the information and actions that can make the biggest positive impact on families following a disaster. As no two families have exactly the same needs, the toolkit contains a variety of strategies and tools to help people make the best decisions for their own family’s situation. Inside this publication you'll find:

Unit 1: How do I use this toolkit? - Tools to help you sort out the pieces of your financial recovery puzzle.

Unit 2: What are key strategies for financial recovery? - Disaster survivors and the agencies that work with them have identified several key strategies and resources that all disaster survivors should know.

Unit 3: What tools do I need to implement key strategies? - This unit includes tools that will help you carry out the key strategies identified in the previous unit.

Unit 4: Where do I start? - This unit includes tasks to complete when you return to your property in the first hours and days after a disaster and as you plan for clean-up.

Unit 5: Where am I financially? - This unit helps you assess your financial situation and start to make plans for long-term recovery.

Unit 6: Where will I live if I’m a homeowner? - This unit helps you assess your short-term and long-term housing options and reviews the possible assistance and resources that may be available to you as a homeowner.

Unit 7: Where will I live if I’m a renter? - This unit helps you assess your short-term and long-term housing options and reviews the possible assistance and resources that may be available to you as a renter

Unit 8: The New Normal - This unit explores how your financial recovery puzzle is coming together and what you may need to do to complete it.

Unit 9: Disaster Recovery Resources for Families - This unit offers additional resources that will help with your disaster recovery.