Wildfire Preparedness

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Be Prepared!

Fire is an inevitable part of living in California, but there are key ways to prepare. Building resistance in the surrounding landscape, the WUI area, and in your structures are necessary to improve your chances of withstanding wildland fire.

Understanding your risks, identifying resources, and knowing your limitations when implementing preventative treatments can aid in the prevention of a catastrophic wildfire consuming your home and property.

Creating a defensible space does more than just prevent fire from reaching your home. It gives fire fighters a safe area from which to defend your property.

Using strategic landscape treatments such as prescribed burns to reduce hazardous fuels, such as dead wood, brush, and thinning the trees around your property to help prevent a wildfire from building force as it moves towards your home.

Choosing fire-resistant building materials and design features can drastically improve your home's survival from embers igniting during a fire.

Using fire-resistant landscaping plants and material also help in making your property more fire resistant.