Clear Lake Aquatic Website
Clear Lake Aquatic Website
Clear Lake Aquatic Website
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Clear Lake Aquatic Website

Clear Lake Fish Species

Clear Lake lies within the Upper Cache Watershed, as defined by the United States EPA. The Watershed is represented by an 8-digit Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC). Visit the EPA's "Surf Your Watershed" website to learn more about the Upper Cache Watershed.

The California Fish Website provides information about the native fish species in the Upper Cache Watershed. Note that if a species occurs in any sub-watershed within the HUC, the species will appear within the HUC.

Visit the Native and Introduced fish pages to the left for information and photos about ALL the fish species from Clear Lake!


  • prickly sculpin

    prickly sculpin

  • tule perch

    tule perch

  • Sacramento perch

    Sacramento perch

  • green sunfish and bluegill

    green sunfish and bluegill

  • white catfish

    white catfish

  • Mississippi silverside

    Mississippi silverside

  • common carp

    common carp

  • Sacramento sucker

    Sacramento sucker

  • Sacramento pikeminnow

    Sacramento pikeminnow

  • Northern largemouth bass

    Northern largemouth bass

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