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The Artist’s Color Palette in the Garden

Garden view with colors
Transform a mundane yard into an oasis by using an artist’s color palette - read how...

What Happened to my Peach Tree? Peach Leaf Curl - Ugly But Easy to Manage

Peach Leaf Curl with its highly curled, reddened leaves causes great concern with gardeners. Learn straightforward steps to control the disease. Read more...

Got Shade? Grow Tomatoes


If you have a shady or foggy yard, there are tomato varieties that will grow well! Read more...

Worms, Worms, Worms

Image of earthworms

Earthworms play a major role in our gardens, read more and explore valuable links, and kid-friendly video. 

Outstanding Plants for Alameda County

Looking for plants that attract wildlife, have low water usage, and thrive on little care in Alameda County? Start here, with Outstanding Plants for Alameda County.

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Your Alameda County Garden, Month-by-Month

Monthly Tips from Master Gardeners on gardening tasks you can do each month to make your garden healthy, beautiful and productive.

Meet the Beneficials: Your Garden Pest's Natural Enemies

Beneficial Insects in the Garden: Poster

Learn more about garden pests, and how to control them safely

Twenty-One Top Garden Pests

Find information about safely and effectively controlling problems in your garden here, including the 21 Most (UN) Wanted Pests.


Advice to grow by. Just ask us!

The photos above illustrate the color progression from pale to intense yellow-green, from green to red in the Hydrangea, and ultimately to the smoky-r

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