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Working with others

Better meetings, Connect & Engage, Building a Team, Building Volunteer Engagement, Facilitation,  Integrate your programs, Office Communication, Your power in the Workplace, Conflict De-escalation..

Personal Development

Wellness, Career Planning, Being Positive, Mentoring, Seven steps to Success, Time Management,  ..

Working at UC ANR

Project board, Hiring, Policies, Safety, Counseling and more.....

Performance Evaluation


Working with Others

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working with groups


 Better meetings
 Connect & Engage
 Facilitation skills
 Integrate your programs
 Office communication

 Your power in the Workplace ....



Better meetings

See Facilitation skills below!


ANR Principles of Community (Link)

Trust and Engaging


Building a Team

"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart." Eleanor Roosevelt

Engaging Volunteers
Building Volunteer Engagement Course. Participants will develop a volunteer engagement action plan to enhance volunteer-related assets and address volunteer-related challenges Login instructions PDF, Video (1:32)

Conflict Management

  • Conflict De-escalation: ANR’s Behavior Intervention Team Webpage
  • UC ANR Volunteer Conflict Resolution Guide
  • Managing conflict Fact sheet ; Video (3:13)


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Engagement

Youth Development

A tool for plotting linkages to define connection paths: Template ; Example (Powerpoint)

Foundation and Program Design Video (Sponsored by Engage and Empower Online)

UC 4-H guidance for LGBTQ+ inclusion info sheet

Can We Talk About Microaggression? Quick Tip

Implicit Bias

Connecting within UC and UC ANR

  • 10 tips to starting your program Fact Sheet
  • Getting started: Connecting Fact sheet
  • County-Campus Collaboration Fact sheet
  • Strategic Initiatives, Program Teams and WorkGroups (web)
  • Roles & Responsibilities at ANR (web)



  Facilitation Skills

The basics

Interaction skills

Getting to output

Handling difficult people


Integrate your Programs

Tips for Program Integration Fact Sheet

Summary tips to integrate Fact Sheet

Example: UC MFP & EFNEP

Office Communications

Office Communication

Write better emails Fact sheet
Using SiteBuilder 3.0 (Video 1, Video 2)
Google Analytics with SiteBuilder (Video)



Common phrases and more Web (from UC)
Learn Spanish and other languages for free (Duolingo)

power in the workplace

Your Power in the Workplace

Seven steps to Success Fact Sheet

Be Positive Fact sheet ; Video (Ted Talk)

Motivation - The Power of Why Video (Ted Talk 5:01)

The 5 common behaviors Fact Sheet

Memory & Brain Training Video (Youtube 5:39)


Being Flexible

Build Consensus Fact sheet



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Employee Engagement

Personal Development

pesonal development

Career Planning


Seven steps to Success Fact Sheet


Be Positive Fact sheet ; Video (Ted Talk)

Habits for Balance & Productivity Fact Sheet

Mentoring and connecting

Tips on Connecting within UC ANR (pdf)
Tips on Networking and mentoring (pdf)
Mentoring - Don't go it alone Fact Sheet (UC ANR AAC)
UCOP summary Fact Sheet ;
Mentor role (Video 7:30) ; Mentee role (Video 6:42)

Time Management Fact Sheet



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Job Mastery


Working at UC ANR

Project board, Hiring people, Policies, Safety in the workplace, and more.....


Check out

"For Employees"

"Orientation & On-Boarding"

Includes FAQs and Who does what

Supervisors checklist for new hires

Principles of Community Fact sheet

Health & Safety

Safety in the workplace

Rick Management

In times of need

Emergency support from UC benefit plans

Faculty and staff assistance programs free, confidential resources for emotional health needs (available to UC ANR employees through UC Davis).

Who does what

Who Does What

County and SWP roles

UC 4-H ; UC Calfresh & EFNEP ;



Performance Evaluation

performance evaluation

Staff Annual Evaluation


Annual Evaluation

Making Your Policy Work Visible Fact Sheet ; Manual

Themes, Goals, Objectives

How they fit Fact sheet

Tools to help set Goals

Setting objectives

Expectations by rank (draft Fact sheet)

Your Narrative - Telling your story

Elements of a Successful Program (W Powers) Info Sheet

Understanding Merits & Promotions (pdf)


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