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Program Teams? Workgroups? Strategic Initiatives?

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What are Program Teams, Workgroups and Strategic Initiatives?

Scheduling a Program Team meeting

Program Team meeting reporting form

Forming a new Workgroup


What's a Workgroup? Program Team? Strategic Initiative? It's as easy as A, B, C.

Confused? Try this Frequently asked Questions Fact Sheet.

How the bits fit: PowerPoint

A. Workgroups are our most foundational units (and can be both formal and informal); operating as Communities of Practice where people

  • Plan, and
  • Implement

    Formal versus informal?  

The Formal workgroups provide a mechanism for people to connect and communicate about the large issues and priorities. 

However, much of the actual work is done by the less formal and more agile groupings that can more easily respond to identified needs and work together on specific research or extension projects and programs.

Workgroups align with relevant Program Teams.

   Interested in forming a new workgroup? See below.

B. Program Teams provide the opportunity to

  • Network,
  • Share, and
  • Learn

    Program teams then align with relevant Strategic Initiatives 

See current PT status (Comment here)

See PT meeting reports (based on this template)

C. Strategic initiatives (SIs) are the umbrellas that

  • Unify,
  • Communicate, and
  • Advocate
    for the work we do; bringing the power of science to deliver practical solutions to help California.

  • Note. While the 5 SIs all interact, the figure (at right) highlights the cross-cutting nature of pests and Water.


Planning & Scheduling a Program Team Meeting.

Requesting a PT meeting: Program Team (PT) leaders submit this request form.

Guidelines for approval.

Tips for a successful meeting.

Note: When can you meet? PTs can of course meet or conference call whenever they like. Funds to meet in person are potentially available up to two times per year. 

1) Once a year as a Program Team, and

2) In association should a relevant Strategic Initiative hold a conference.

3) Meeting Funds - What can be covered?

Note: Meeting support is provided by the Program Support Unit (PSU).

Program Team Meeting Report Form

Each Program Team submits a very simple Meeting report for their Program Team meetings.

See PT meeting reports

If you have any questions, view the Workgroup FAQs


To form a new workgroup?

Add group
To propose a new workgroup, please complete a short online form.


New workgroups are approved by the Associate Vice President and the Vice Provost SI & SWP. We'll be in touch within 5 working days.

If you have questions or need further information, please contact:

Joni Rippee
Director, Program Planning & Evaluation

Oakland 510-987-0136; Davis 530-750-1255

 Sherry Cooper
Director, Program Support Unit