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Onboarding New Academic Employees

For title series such as: Cooperative Extension Advisor, Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Project e.g. Scientist, Academic Coordinator, Academic Administrator, Specialist, Professional Research, etc. 




Employee Onboarding Paperwork

An Academic HR representative will contact the new academic employee and supervisor to communicate instructions for the onboarding meeting several weeks prior to the hire date.

On or before the first day of work, the new academic employee and supervisor are expected to complete the required employee paperwork and discuss new employee information. 

For other types: 

Employment Forms & Relevant Checklists

Required, applicable forms and checklists to complete your onboarding. 

Requirements for Onboarding 

If the below requirements apply to your position, please visit the links for more information.  

    • Background Check & Fingerprinting: Some academic appointments are contingent upon a cleared background check and fingerprinting. 
    • CANRA (Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting Act): Some positions require academics to act as a mandated reporter. Mandated Reporters are required to report observed or suspected child abuse or neglect while working within the course or scope of their University activities. 

Enrolling in Benefits & Retirement Choice

As a UC employee, you'll enjoy a competitive benefits package, including comprehensive health and welfare insurance plans protecting you and your family. To help you get a better understanding of the range of possible benefits for which you may be eligible, see Related Information which includes links for more details on enrolling.

Additional Resources for Supervisors

Supervisors, use the following checklist to inform new academic employees of their job duties and responsibilities as well as UC ANR's resources and culture.

Additional Resources for Academic Employees

Please view the available resources to you as an academic employee. 

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