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ANR Credit Card Payments

ANR allows many of its offices to accept credit card payments on-line in a secure, approved and controlled process.

  • These credit card payments are accepted through the ANR SurveyBuilder system.
  • Access to the survey system is either through the ANR Portal, or the SiteBuilder.
  • The funds received through the system are posted automatically to a DaFIS account.  Only units with a presence in the DaFIS system can use the ANR SurveyBuilder to process credit cards.

Accepting credit cards is a six step process.

  1. Make sure that you are affiliated with a unit that can accept credit cards.
  2. Create a survey associated with an authorized unit.
  3. Add an e-mail question (question type must be "e-mail")
  4. Activate credit cards on your survey.
  5. Add credit card payment question(s) to the survey.
  6. Get your individual survey authorized:

    Cooperative Extension County Offices send requests for survey approval to your UCCE Business Partner Team email:

    Team 1: boc-uccepartner1@ucanr.edu
    Team 2: boc-uccepartner2@ucanr.edu
    Team 3: boc-uccepartner3@ucanr.edu
    Team 4: boc-uccepartner4@ucanr.edu

    If you don’t know which team your county belongs to please contact Tracy Roman at tlroberts@ucanr.edu.

    For Plant Sciences contact
    BOC team 5 at boc-partner5@ou.ad3.ucdavis.edu

    For Statewide Program Surveys contact 
    BOC team 5 at boc-partner5@ou.ad3.ucdavis.edu

    All others, please contact
    BOC team 5 at boc-partner5@ou.ad3.ucdavis.edu

This website will walk you through each of these processes.