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Credit Card Tips

Even more important than adding a credit card question, is understanding the best way to organize your surveys for credit cards.  Here are some quick suggestions.

Do NOT add a question on your survey asking for credit card numbers, expiration, etc.  That will be handled by the system automatically in a secure and approved manner. 

If some users will be paying with credit cards, and some will be mailing checks, you should activate the payment type for both Credit Card Payments and Check Payments. The system will prompt the user for the type of payment to be used, and require that a payment type is selected before continuing.

Take advantage of the text fields!  You have options to put text on top of the main survey page, on the page after the survey, and on the page after payment is completed.  This is an opportunity for you to communicate with your customers.  On the page after survey, remind them that they have not yet paid.  On the page after payment completion, make sure they know they have completed the transaction.  Remind them of the event details such as date, location and time on all three pages!

Give them feedback!  Send an email to all registrants using the 'E-Mail Response' feature in the survey system.  Once again, remind them of the event details.  This will reassure them, and reduce the number of calls you receive.

If the number of registrants is limited, set the survey to automatically shut-down after X number of respondents.  This is not the number of people who have paid, but the total number of respondents.  You will need to keep track of the results, and delete any invalid attempts.  You can do this in the, 'Disable Survey' section of the Surveys.