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Getting Started

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Creating a survey

Creating a survey couldn't be easier with our recently redesigned survey system. Once the survey list is accessed either through your portal or site builder site, you can easily create a survey by clicking the "Add Survey" link. Your next simple step will be to add your survey name, and after that, your first survey question. Essentially, that's it! You have your survey based on the questions you add.

Adding questions and survey description

After adding a few questions, you might take the time to add a description of your survey. The navigation bar above the survey header has all of the top level links for fine tuning your survey. Locate and hover over "Create", and you will see "Name and Description". Here is where you can add a simple and concise description of your survey. Focus on the aim of your survey, what you wish to achieve, and relative details.

Google ChromeANR001

Test survey

You now have a title, a description, and a few questions. Time to preview your survey! Locate "Test Survey" in the top right hand navigation bar. Once you click on it, a preview of your survey will appear as how your respondents will see. This is a great method to further tune up your survey.

Quick guide to question types

There are a variety of question types to populate your survey. To begin, simply click the "Create" button and choose "Questions". In the text field provided you can enter the question you wish. Below, you will find a dropdown housing the variety of question types available. Here is a guideline of items you will see:

  • Required - Once finished, you will find a "Required" Button below, meant for questions that must be answered for before the participant can proceed.
  • Identifier - Insert a simple term to remind you what this question is about, which will appear in the results of your survey. We will go over this in detail later.
  • Question Type- Select the type of question you would like a response to.
    Even though they are rather self explanatory, let's have a look at them here:
    • Short Text (Less than 100 Characters) -
      Respondents enter a short answer to your question.
    • Long Text -
      Respondents enter a long description.
    • Yes/No Question -
      Respondents answer yes or no to a question.
    • Dropdown List -
      This is a two parter. First, enter the question that relates to options respondents can click and choose. Once you enter the identifier and select "Dropdown List", click Save Information. Now you'll see part two appear, a list of 5 options you can enter as choices. You don't have to enter all five, and just the same, but simply clicking the "add 5 more options", you can have more or less. People can only choose one item from this list.
    • Multiple Check (Multiple Choices) -
      This option is another two parter. First, Enter your question, whether it's required or not, and your identifier. After selecting "Multiple Check", you will find a "limit Responses" button appear. This is to limit the amount of choices people can make. You will be able to explain how many choices they can make in the window below. Once you've done that, you can now list the options, and the maximum selections available. Very helpful for class registrations.
    • Radio (Many options, 1 Choice) -
      The very same as the Multiple Check above, with only one selection possible.
    • Divider/Header (no question) -
      This option is only a divider between your survey. Should you decide to include further explanation or instructions, include them here. Once you save your option, a divider color choice will appear. You can also put no message and choose a divider color, which will appear as a bar.
    • WYSIWYG Editor -
      The WYSIWYG editor is a chance to offer a means for the respondent to format their response. WYSIWYG question results will not be seen in the standard survey results view. They will be displayed with viewing the results in Excel, as an individual user (clicking on user number), or when viewing a single question (clicking on question header).
    • Horizontal Radio -
      Offers a one choice response laid out in a Horizontal fashion.
    • For all Credit Card related questions, please have a look at our Credit card section: Credit Card Tips

Test your Survey -See how it works

Here is a sample survey, implementing each type of question explained above:


Once you are done with your survey, simply click the "Test Survey" button found in the top right corner of your Survey administration page.

Test Survey Results Portal Link

View the Results - The fruits of your labor

Take a look at your survey results here. You can view the results anytime, as they will be compiled when you click the survey result button. There are two ways of viewing the results, you may either download an excel file and keep a copy of the results in your personal files, or view them online.

To view the results online: Click the "Results" link from your Survey Administration page.

In order to download the Excel spreadsheet, view results then "Create Excel Document"

Download to Excel


Disable your Survey - Archive your research

When your survey is complete, You may archive it for future use, or quite simply, delete it. It is advised that you simply disable your survey as you may wish to duplicate it for future use, if for example, you have a repeating event, or repeating query that would require a copy of you survey as a starting point. You may also wish to disable your survey in order to save the survey results for future use.

Once your reach the disable survey page, your first choice is to Disable the Survey. You have a second choice to disable the survey after a certain amount of responses, which you choose by using the drop down menu. Lastly, there is a WYSIWYG editor with a default message informing people that the survey has indeed been closed. You may change this message or add to it if you wish.

Download Excel - Download the Spreadsheet

People ask for this quite a bit, so we have it everywhere!

Go to "Results" then select "Create Excel Document".

Download to Excel