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Getting a Survey Authorized

Once you have started a credit card survey, and added credit card questions, the next step is to move your survey out of test mode by getting it authorized.

Authorization of your credit card survey is handled by an individual identified as being responsible for credit cards in your functional area. Here is list of appropriate people to contact for authorization:

Cooperative Extension County Offices send requests for survey approval to your UCCE Business Partner Team email:

Team 1: boc-uccepartner1@ucanr.edu
Team 2: boc-uccepartner2@ucanr.edu
Team 3: boc-uccepartner3@ucanr.edu
Team 4: boc-uccepartner4@ucanr.edu

If you don’t know which team your county belongs to please contact
Tracy Roman at tlroberts@ucanr.edu

For Plant SciencesStatewide Program Surveys, and all other surveys please contact BOC team 5 at Boc-partner5@ucanr.edu

It is up to you to contact the individual to request authorization.  They are not notified automatically!

The individual authorizing your survey is looking at the following things:

  • Is this legitimate University business?
  • Is the identified DaFIS account valid?

Prior to your survey being authorized, it will be in 'test mode.'  Everything in the survey will function normally, but payments will not be processed.  This is extremely important, and bears repeating.  A non-authorized survey will function, but money will not be taken in.

If your survey has not yet been authorized, you will see the message below.  Pay heed!

Not approved for Credit Card processing

Click here to find the appropriate approval administrator:

ANR Credit Card Payments

When you are testing the survey, you will see this message.  Once again, pay heed.  Any transactions processed while in test mode will not be accepting funds.

Credit Card Test Message

If any transactions are processed while in test mode, this will be reflected in the survey results, and you will see the following, 'TEST' message on the results page:


Once your survey has been authorized, you are ready to accept funds via credit card processing.