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Start a Credit Card Survey

These steps need to be followed in the order provided to setup a Credit Card Survey. 

  1. Make sure your survey contains an e-mail question. The Question Type must be "E-mail" to be a valid e-mail question.
    • Move the survey to a unit which accepts Credit Card Payments. This attaches the survey to a unit who has a payment account that can accept credit card payments.
    • Payments will go into the account assigned to the selected unit. So be sure you select the correct unit.
    • Unit Authorization
  2. Enable Credit Card Payments from the survey administration menu.
    • Go to "Payment Options" then "Credit Card Options" then fill out the Credit Card Options form.
    • Credit Card Payment must be activated to be able to add a payment question.
  3. Add one or more payment question.
    • Add a new question and select "Payment" as the Question Type.
  4. Test the Survey using your own e-mail address so you see what a user would see.
    • Select "Test Survey" from the menu and fill out the survey.
    • Before the Credit Card survey is authorized the Test Payment server is used.
    • The Test Payment server can be identified by it's URL. The test URL is: https://secure.touchnet.com:8443/C21642test_upay/...
    • These payments are not real, and will show as "Test $123" in the survey results.
    • You may use the Test Credit Card for testing. This will only work on the Test Payment server.
      • Card Number: 5454545454545454
      • Card Type: MasterCard
  5. Get the Credit Card survey Authorized.