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Viewing Results

Viewing Results

Credit card survey results are very similar to regular survey results, with two differences.

First, there is a column added called, 'Payment.'  This column will display the status of a credit card charge, as well as the total payment for a successful charge.

Shows all the different payment possibilities in for the payment results.

In the screenshot above, there are three lines of information from the survey results screen, all giving different pieces of information.

  • The first row shows a Test payment was made. Test payments may only be made before the credit card survey is authorized. Test payments are not real payments.
  • The second row shows that the payment attempt was cancelled by the user.  In order to get this result, the user actually clicks the, 'Cancel' button during the payment process.  They have actively cancelled the process.
  • The payment column in the second row is blank.  In this case, the user closed out their browser during the payment process.  They did NOT click the, 'Cancel' button. They have NOT been charged.
  • The fourth row shows a completed payment.  The word, 'Success' is present, as is a dollar amount.  That is the amount charged to the customer's card.
  • Occasionally there may be multiple messages in the payment column.  You may see both 'Cancel' and 'Success' messages.  In that case, the customer cancelled the process once, then went through the process again and successfully completed the payment.
  • In very rare cases, you may see TWO 'success' messages.  This can occur if the user completes the payment process twice.  The total payment amount should be checked to ensure the customer payed the proper amount.
  • The last row is a check payment that is waiting to be validated by an administrator. When the the administrator validates that the user paid by check they can click the link and enter the amount they paid.

One other item to notice is that the 4th row (the successful payment) does NOT have a 'Delete' button. Pending payments will change to deletable payments after 2 days. You cannot delete successful payments.  This information needs to stay in the system for accurate records on who has paid.