Branded Assets

Branding your videos

These assets are designed to help you properly brand your videos. There are several branded openings to choose from, and a branded closing with a call to action. Please visit the programmatic branded video assets page for assets related to your program or institute.

We've also included colored backgrounds in the proper size and information on how to set up branded lower thirds.

Branded Backgrounds

UC ANR blue background

Download UC ANR blue background


Download white background

Lower thirds

  • First line: Arial Black, size 40
  • Second line: Arial Narrow, size 30
  • Third line: Arial Narrow, size 40 bold
  • Text sample/Quote: Arial Narrow, size 40 bold
  • Text sample/Information: Arial Narrow, size 40
  • Font color: ANR Blue HEX = 0055A2 (RGB decimal is 0,85,162)
  • Sequence size: 1920 x 1080
  • Frame rate: 23.97

Download lower third graphic

Learn how to create lower thirds here.

lower third graphic