Our most recent article, as published in the Mountain Democrat newspaper:

The Wonderful World of Onions
By Jan Irwin
UCCE Master Food Preserver of El Dorado County

Onions are the workhorse vegetable of the kitchen. We use onions in so many different ways- they add an underlying note of sweetness to dishes from Italian, Asian, French and of course American. But for many people preparing them to be used in a dish is the less than desirable part as their fragrance can be tear-inducing; my mother-in-law keeps a pair of swimming goggles handy for just such moments! For some people getting this unpleasant task done in one fell swoop is also a big-time saver. You can chop several pounds worth of onions and put them into small serving size zip lock bags, remove as much air as possible and freeze. For longer storage and to prevent freezer burn place these small bags into a larger 4 mil freezer bag and seal tightly.

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