Become a UCCE Master Food Preserver

Program Benefits

  • Contribute to your community. Every year UCCE Master Food Preserver volunteers contribute several thousand hours of educational service helping keep our community safe and healthy.
  • Enjoy working together with a great group of food enthusiasts.
  • Gain excellent knowledge about preserving fresh produce.

Volunteer Training

UCCE Master Food Preserver volunteers receive an intensive four-month training program in home food preservation. Instruction provides practical courses in the following topics

  • Food safety
  • Boiling water and atmospheric steam canning
  • Pressure canning
  • Canning jams & jellies
  • Pickling and fermenting
  • Dehydrating fruits and vegetables
  • Freezing foods

Classes meet several times a month, with multiple hands-on labs to learn the food preservation techniques, with outside study in addition to class time. Quizzes, special projects and a final examination prepares the trainees to begin their first year of volunteer service.