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Rescue Up 'n Comin'

The Rescue Up 'n Comin' 4-H Club serves Rescue and outlaying areas. The monthly club meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Meets at the Rescue Community Center in Rescue

Community Club Leader:
Ashley Oxford

Club Projects

(check back periodically for updates on projects)

Arts & Crafts
Project Leader: 
Denise Jones, marybellefarms@yahoo.com

Birds: Poultry - COUNTY-WIDE
Project Leader: Angela Johnson, aejohnson250@gmail.com

Equine: Beginning Horse - COUNTY-WIDE
Horsemanship 101 is a six-week certificated course beginning September 18, 2021.

Project Leader: Susan Meade, msmeade45@aol.com

Equine: Horse & Pony - COUNTY-WIDE
Project Leader: 
Christy Breeden, horseproject4h@yahoo.com

Goats: Dairy - COUNTY-WIDE
Goats: Market/Meat - COUNTY-WIDE
Goats: Nigerian Dwarf
Project Leader: Denise Jones, marybellefarms@yahoo.com

Leadership Development (Club Officer)
Project Leader: Ashley Oxford, rescueupncomin4h@gmail.com

Project Leader: Bret Harnden, abharnden@comcast.net

Swine: Market
Project Leader: Bob Granade, bobgranade@yahoo.com

For more projects:
Check out county-wide project offerings!

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Rescue Community Center
4180 Green Valley Rd
Rescue, CA 95672

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