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Issue Articles Type Date Added
June Hotline Newsletter (871KB) PDF 5/31/19
May Newsletter Hotline (1,302KB) PDF 5/1/19
April Hotline Newsletter (1,859KB) PDF 5/1/19
March 2019 (2,134KB) PDF 3/4/19
February Newsletter (1,829KB) PDF 2/1/19
December / January Hotline (1,214KB) PDF 12/5/18
November Hotline (882KB) PDF 11/14/18
October Hotline Newsletter (910KB) PDF 10/9/18
September Hotline (720KB) PDF 9/26/18
El Dorado County 4-H Newsletter - April 2018 (1,221KB)

Inside this issue:

  • Quality Assurance Training
  • Glow Run 2018
  • 4-H Management Board Scholarships Due
  • All Skills Day - Huge Success
  • All Skills Day Horse Project
  • 2018 4-H Camp
  • Paper Clover Campaign
  • Latrobe Outlanders 4-H Club Spaghetti Feed
  • There is Magic in the Air - EDC Fair Entry Guide
  • Jr's Jams & Jellies
  • Upcoming Event Dates
PDF 4/5/18
March Hotline (6,020KB) PDF 3/1/18
February Newsletter (6,010KB) PDF 2/1/18
December Hotline (6,574KB) PDF 12/1/17
November Hotline (4,029KB) PDF 11/2/17
September Hotline (5,219KB) PDF 9/1/17
August Hotline (7,361KB) PDF 8/1/17
July Newsletter (3,963KB) PDF 7/3/17
June Newsletter (4,777KB) PDF 6/2/17
April Hotline (5,669KB) PDF 4/6/17
March Hotline (4,357KB) PDF 3/3/17
February Newsletter (3,678KB) PDF 2/2/17
January Newsletter (4,253KB) PDF 1/4/17
Newsletter (6,779KB) PDF 12/1/16
All Star Updates (430KB) PDF 11/8/16
November Hotline (6,156KB) PDF 11/5/16
October Newsletter (6,030KB) PDF 9/30/16
September Issue (2,923KB) PDF 9/1/16
August Hotline (7,078KB) PDF 8/1/16
July Hotline (2,747KB) PDF 7/1/16
June Hotline (4,298KB)

In this issue:

  • State Leadership Conference
  • Shooting Sports
  • National 4-H Conference By Breanna Winter
  • Animal Science Symposium recap
  • 4-H Camp updates
  • State 4-H updates 


PDF 6/1/16
May Hotline (3,334KB)

In this issue:

  • Fair Forms Due
  • Friends of Concord opportunity
  • Chuckwagon schedule and wish list
  • Livestock Auction Committee changes in Buyer dinner
  • State Record book competition information
  • Shooting Sports coming to El Dorado County
PDF 5/1/16
April Newsletter (7,083KB)

A new issue is available for 4-H Hotline Newsletter.

April Newsletter Contains:

  • Color Me Green Volunteer sign ups
  • Home Arts Day Information
  • RV reservations due to fair office for fair
  • Quality Assurance Training
  • Informational Fair meeting for parents
  • Market goat field day
  • HI 4-H event
  • 4-H camp
  • Swine spaghetti feed
  • April Paper Clover Campaign 
  • Skills Day Photos
PDF 4/1/16
March Newsletter (4,641KB)
  • Skills Day Schedule
  • Skills Day Poster Contest
  • Skills Day Uniform Exchange
  • Chuckwagon Wish List
  • Color Me Green
  • Home Arts Date Information
  • Hi 4-H Bonfire
  • Market Goat Field Day
  • Latrobe Spaghetti Feed 
  • Quality Assurance and Ethics Training
  • Informational Fair meeting for parents
PDF 3/5/16
February Newsletter (3,738KB)

Inside this addition:

Camp Registration open, Presentation Day, High school Scholarships, Chuck Wagon wish list, Color Me Green, Skills Day, Poultry Workshop, Home Arts Day, HI 4-H event

PDF 2/9/16
January 2016 (2,853KB)

Inside this addition: 2016 Camp Junior Counselor Applications, Hangtown Christmas Parade recap, Home Arts day, Presentation Day, Skills Day info, California Department of Transportation field trip, CBS Channel 13 field trip

PDF 1/6/16
December 2015 (1,514KB)

Giving Tuesday, TSC Paper Clover, Empty Bowls, Table setting article, Presentation Day sates, SET Field Trip opportunities, Hi 4-H Social, 

PDF 12/4/15
November 2015 (4,150KB)

Inside this addition; Recognition night recipients, Become a Fair Association member, All Star Ambassadors announced, Articles by 4-H members, Skills Day, leadership Conference info, 4-H camp dates announced, Southside dessert auction invite, Shooting sports workshops

PDF 11/4/15
October 2015 (2,303KB)

Inside this issue: Recognition Night, Two New All Star Ambassadors, National Paper Clover Campaign (TSC), County Budget and Meeting Minutes, Memorial Scholarship Winners, Announcements from State Office, Countywide Projects, and calendar of events.

PDF 10/2/15
September 2015 (1,554KB)

Inside this addition: Ironstone Concourse d'Elegance, Premium Record Book Competition, Recognition Night 2015, California Science Education Conference, National Youth Science Day, Livestock Quiz Bowl Competition.

PDF 9/3/15
August 2015 (1,413KB)

Inside this issue: Camp Recap, New Uniform Info, State 4-H Photography, County Recognition Night, All-Star Applications, County Record Book Judging, Shooting Sports Training Dates, and Management Board Meeting.

PDF 8/6/15
July 2015 (1,184KB)

Inside this issue: Introducing new Program Representative, County Livestock Winners, 4-H Camp, Record Book Judging, Gardening, River Cats, Shooting Sports & The Management Board

PDF 7/7/15
June 2015 (844KB)

Inside this issue: Update from Shannon (State Office), County Fair Updates, Program Updates, Shooting Sports, Management Board & Upcoming Events. 

PDF 6/5/15
April 2015 (5,361KB)

Inside this issue: 4-H Camp, Round UP, 4-H Calendar, Volunteer Management Board, Home Arts Day, Guide Dogs, Swine Info., Co. Fair Info., Chuckwagon, Petting Zoo, Cake & Silent Auction Info., Spaghetti Dinner Event, S.E.T., Animal Science & Citizenship Programs, You See Davis Day, Higher Education Scholarships, TSC through Paper Clover, and Member Tip of the Month. 

PDF 4/10/15
March 2015 (1,431KB)

Inside this issue: Summer Camp, MG's Teach 4-H Youth, Tracy Leaving 4-H, Upcoming Events, New Member's Page, County Fair Updates, Round Up and much more. 

PDF 3/4/15
February 2015 (1,936KB)

Inside this issue: Color Me Green 5K Run, Summer Camp, Presentation Day, Robotics "SET" Event, Online Record Book Training, Cal Trans Tour "SET" Event, New Member Page, County Fair Updates and CA State 4-H Updates. 

PDF 1/29/15
January 2015 (2,609KB)

Inside this issue: Color Me Green 5K Run, 2015 Summer Camp, Presentation Day, Record Book On-line Training Class, SET Series Scheduled, New Member Page and "Whites", Co. Fair and the State 4-H Webpage Updates.

PDF 12/28/14
December 2014 (1,787KB)

Inside this issue: 1st Annual 5K Run, Calendar of Events, New Curriculum, Presentation Day Info, Scholarships & Grants, Record Book Training, High 4-H Event, Rabbit (CW) Fundraiser and Dairy Goat Day Event, "New Members" Info, 4-H Board Business Plan (Draft), County Fair Updates and CA State Updates plus must more.

PDF 12/2/14
November 2014 (1,087KB)

Inside this issue: Management & Program Board, Bowling Night, Dessert Auction, All Star Ambassadors, New Projects, CW Rabbit Fundraiser, Fair & Livestock Info, Presentation Day, Color Me Green 5K Run and much more.

PDF 11/3/14
October 2014 (943KB)

Inside this issue: Open Enrollment; C.W. Projects; Community Service Opportunities; Recognition Night; Golden Clover Awarded; Resources for New Members; Bylaws Adopted; North Central Section; Fair News; High 4-H and 4-H Information from State Office.

PDF 9/30/14
September 2014 (797KB)

Inside this issue: Open enrollment, All Starr Ambassadors, Community Service Opportunities, Resources for Members, Rivercats, Ironstone Concours d'Elegance, New Projects and much more.

PDF 9/4/14
August 2014 (850KB)

Inside this issue: Open Enrollment; Record Book Judging; All Star Ambassadors; Volunteer Retreat; Just a Pop Top; Farm Opportunities; New Management Structure; Training Opportunities; LAC Ask a Question; State Office; and much more.

PDF 8/7/14
July 2014 (570KB)

Inside this issue: 2014/2015 Enrollment, Horse Camp, Volunteer Development Day, Management/Program Boards, Farm Opportunities, Record Books, 4-H Lending Library, Fair Pics, Items from the State Office.

PDF 7/9/14
June 2014 (3,908KB)

Inside this issue: Chili Cook-off Winners, Fair Information, 4-H Graduating Seniors, "New" Management Board Structure, Camp and Horse Camp, American River Conservancy Partnership, Articles by 4-Her's, and 4-H State Information. Also attached on last page is "Ethics in Youth Livestock Programs" Just the Facts!  

PDF 6/5/14
May 2014 (839KB)

Inside this issue: Saturday, May 10th Round Up & Chili Cook Off, UCCE Celebrates 100 Years of Science & Service, The Herd, Need GIS/GPS Project Leader, 4-H Camp and Horse Camp, Enrollment 2014/2015 and Recruiting Project Leaders, Volunteer Retreat, Chuckwagon, Dog Agility is "Pawsitive", 4-H Farm Opportunities and News from 4-H State 4-H. 

PDF 5/5/14
April 2014 (872KB)

Inside this issue: Central Sierra 4-H Camp & Back Country Horse Camp, Home Arts Day, Round Up 2014, MFP Jam & Jelly Event, GIS/GPS Project Leader, Paper Clover and Car Wash Fundraisers, Blood Drive, American River Conservancy and must more.

PDF 4/2/14
March 2014 (1,167KB)

Inside this issue: 4-H Camp and Jr. Staff, Hi 4-H Event, Home Arts Day, Round-Up, Diamond Clover Awarded, Volunteer for the Herd, Paper Clover Fundraiser, Opportunities with American River Conservancy, 4-H Scholarship, and much more.

PDF 3/10/14
February 2014 (1,042KB)

Inside this issue: Presentation Day 2/22/14, 4-H Camp & Back Country Horse Camp, Need GIS/GPS Leader, Round Up 2014, "The Herd", Volunteer Development Day, 4-H Uniform Contest, 4-H State Events, New UC Policy on Smoking, and much more. 

PDF 2/3/14
January 2014 (926KB)

Inside this issue: Summer Camps; "The Herd"; Management & Program Development Board Info.; Round Up; Livestock Ethics Seminar; Tractor Supply Co.; Animal Feed Wkshp; Opportunities with ARC; Presentation Day and much more.

PDF 1/4/14
December 2013 (1,003KB)

Inside this issue: Million Dollar Idea, Prepare for "The Heard", Summer Camp, Round Up, 4-H Farm Opportunities, National Youth in Science, Presentation Day 2013, Happy Sundowners Giving Back, Projects: Reptile, Discs Golf, Rocketry, Gardening, iThrive, and much more.

PDF 11/27/13
November 2013 (946KB)

Inside this issue: The Million Dollar Idea!, Christmas Parade Apps due, Camp - Summer & Horse, 4-H Awareness Campaign, SST Dessert Auction, Project Updates, Hopeful Hearts, iThrive, A Thank-you Letter, Field of Learning Opportunities and much more.

PDF 11/5/13
October 2013 (1,341KB)

Inside this issue: National 4-H Week, 4-H Recognition Night, Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser, Avian Bowl Car Wash, Paper Clover Promotion,Teens Take On Health, Summer Camp 2014 & Backcountry Horse Camp 2014, "The Herd", Round Up 2014, Beef Field Day & Beef Carcass Contest Winners, Projects and More Projects, 4-H Council Mediator & Fundraising Chair and much more.


PDF 10/3/13
September 2013 (1,245KB)

Inside this issue: Community Service Opportunities, Open Enrollment Now!, Oakland Raiders & Raleys 4-H Fundraisers, National Night Out, Reptile & Computer Project, Summer Camp and Beef Day Info, 4-H Proposed Budget, Help Wanted, All Star Application Due, ANR Clover Safety Notes, List of Projects, Ironstone Concours Event, and more.

PDF 8/30/13
August 2013 (1,069KB)

Inside this issue: Community Service Project, Open Enrollment Now, Record Books, Two Members Step-Up, Summer Camp 2014, Stare Office Updates, State Leadership Conference Articles, New Project - Back County Trail Horse, The Ironstone Concours and more.

PDF 8/2/13
July/August 2013 (8,099KB)

Inside this edition: County Fair News, 4-H Decorated Window Display, From the 4-H Desk, Project Leaders - Resources (links) and Volunteer Training Dates, new Trail Riding Project, Join 4-H at the CA State Fair, Raley's - Raise $ for 4-H, 4-H Awareness Event.

PDF 7/8/13
June 2013 (6,916KB)

Inside this issue:Round Up/Chili Cook-off, El Dorado Co. Fair, Project Leaders Needed, New Dog Rescue Project, Enrollment 2013-2014, and Join 4-H at the California State Fair.

PDF 6/7/13
May 2013 (4,996KB)

Inside this edition: Chili Cook-off, Assistant Coordinator for Chuckwagon needed, Enrollment 2013/2014, California State 4-H Field Day, Happy Sundowners 4-H Club, 4-H Camp Gold Hollow, Silent Auction, Outreach at Earth Day, County Fair livestock entry forms and much more.

PDF 4/29/13
April 2013 (5,185KB)

Inside this edition: 4-H Proclamation from BOS, Home Arts Day information, Chili Cook-Off information, Camp information, Join the Revolution of Responsibility and State Leadership Conference Fundraiser - Spaghetti Feed.

PDF 3/27/13
March 2013 (11,542KB)

Inside this edition:Guide Dogs, Reptile & Robotics Projects, 4-H Chili Cook-Off, Events Calendar, Happy Sundowners 4-H Club, Jr's Jams & Jellies, 4-H Horse Symposium, State 4-H Shooting Sports Archery Match, 4-H Futures Task Force, 4-H Camp, 4-H Centennial Celebration, Home Arts Day & Ag Day at the Capitol.

PDF 2/28/13
February 2013 (7,849KB)

Inside this edition: The All Stars & BOS Jack Sweeney, Chili Cook Off & Round UP information, CA 4-H Field Day, 4-H Futures Task Force, Presentation Day information, Camp Gold Hollow Nevada Co., "Like" 4-H Facebook El Dorado Co., and EDC Fair information.

PDF 1/24/13
January 2013 (4,085KB)

Inside this edition: 4-H History & its 100th Anniversary 2013; Presentation Day; Leadership Development Conference and iThive Projects; Fiber Arts, Arts & Crafts, Shooting Sports projects; Calendar of Events; Ag Expo & Chili Cook-off event.

PDF 1/2/13
December 2012 (1,618KB)

Inside this edition: 2012/2013 All Star Ambassadors, Golden Clover Award Recipient, Avian Bowl Results, Latrobe Outlanders 4H Club, Cal Trans Materials Lab Tour, Let's Get Ready to Thrive in 2013, plus more information.

PDF 12/4/12
El Dorado Co. 4-H Council Proposed Budget (22KB)

Dear 4-H families,

Please review the attached proposed budget and address any questions to County Council on November 20. A vote will be taken November 20 at the County Council meeting to approve 2012/13 budget.  Thank you

The 4-H County Council meets every 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 P.M. in the conference room at the UCCE Central Sierra - El Dorado office, 311 Fair Lane in Placerville.

PDF 11/5/12
November 2012 (1,692KB)

Inside this edition: Co. Record Book Winners, Step Up! To the Challenge, Robotic Project Leader Training Info, Winter Warm-Up Horse Show, County Council Wants YOU!, Youth Leadership Development Project, EDC (SET) Event Info, Youth Leadership Conference Highlights, Let's Get Ready to Thrive and Lots of Club and Project What is Going On.

PDF 10/26/12
October 2012 (10,105KB)

Inside this edition: New County Council Members, Southside Service Fun Run, Ironstone Concours d' Elegance, NCS Family & Consumer Science Field Day, Shingle Springers Blood Drive, List of Countywide Projects, State 4-H Director Updates, Committee Volunteers Needed , 4-H National Youth Science Day, and Entomology & Mini Dairy Goat Project Information.

PDF 9/26/12
September 2012 (1,977KB)

Inside this edition: Emily's Japan Adventure, SLC 2012, All Star Team Application, Visiting our Exchange Student, ESRI Conference, Enrollment 2012/2013, North Central Section Citizenship Weekend, National Youth Science Day, Ironstone Concours, and Volunteers Needed.

PDF 9/4/12
July/August 2012 (5,496KB)

Inside this edition: Meet our new 4-H Program Representative - Tracy Celio, Junior Livestock Auction, Enrollment Update, Pop Tabs results, County Council looking for Vice President and Corresponding Secretary and All Stars Application & Information.

PDF 7/3/12
June 2012 (5,256KB)

Inside this edition: Scholarship Winners, Happy Sundowners Garden Project, Fair Information, New Home Arts Day Manual, Chili Cookoff Winners, EDC CC Vice President for 2012-2013, The Fair Chuckwagon and All Stars Application Information.

PDF 5/30/12
May 2012 (8,747KB)

Inside this edition: Home Arts Day, Chili Cook-off Round Up - Ag Expo Flyer, EDC Fair Information, State Project Sheets, The Happy Sundowners's 4-H Club Field Trip.

PDF 5/2/12
April 2012 (15,768KB)

Inside this edition: My 4-H Story, Chili Cook-Off ~ Round Up/Ag Expo, 4-H Camp Sylvester, Revolution of Responsibility Video Contest, Guide Dog Project, Movie Night after Home Arts Day, Home Arts Day and Ag Night with the River Cats.

PDF 3/30/12
March 2012 (7,377KB)

Inside this edition: Presentation Day, Message from Carol Martin, Record Book Workshop; Pop Tab Collection Program; 4-H Camp 2012; EDC Fair Date; Home Arts Day; Cal Conference; County Wide Nigerian Dwarf Project; 2012 Camp Conference and Agriculture Night with the River Cats.

PDF 3/2/12
February 2012 (5,624KB)

Inside this edition: 2012 4-H Western National Round-up, Guide Dog Project, EDC Presentation Day, Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser for SLC delegates, Home Arts Day, and 4-H State Office Associate Director's Update.

PDF 2/1/12
January 2012 (7,157KB)

Inside this edition:Christmas Parade; Presentation Day; Northcoast Youth Summit; 4-H Round-Up;Facebook's Nation 4-H winner; UCD Goat Day;and iThrive information.

PDF 1/9/12
4-H Hotline - November 2011 (2,352KB)

Record Books (why, were and how), State Fashion Revue, Winter Warm-up Open Horse Show, International Exchange Program, North Central Section Conference - C.A.L, Flannel Shorts/Pants Order Form, EDC Robotics Project, and Calaveras Co. Sub Regional Presentation Day.

PDF 11/1/11
4-H Hotline - October 2011 (2,572KB)

Ironstone Concours d"Elegance, From the 4-H Desk, Projects: Fiber Arts (countywide) International Exchange Program, Guide Dogs, Robotics, and Service Learning, From the 4-H State Office: State Fashion Revue and Ideas that Work.

PDF 10/14/11
4-H Hotline - September 2011 (3,015KB)

2011 Pop-Tabs, Enrollment Info., New Countywide Projects (check them out), 4-H State Page Updates, The Ironstone Concours Event, and Join the Revolution of Responsibility.

PDF 9/2/11
Addendum to Hotline - August 2011 (194KB)

Changes have been made to the late enrollment policy and will be voted on August 16th at the County Council meeting.

PDF 8/8/11
4-H Hotline Newsletter - August 2011 (4,380KB)

Inside: Fair Photos, State Field Day, Silent Auction, 4-H Desk Column, Horse Classic, River Cats, Win $25K, Leader's Form and New's from 4-H State Page.

PDF 7/26/11
4-H Hotline Newsletter - June 2011 (5,677KB)

Inside: Scholarship Winners, Round-Up BBQ, Silent Auction, From the 4-H Desk, Fashion Show, Tree Presentation, Camps for Military Teens, and Host a Youth.

PDF 7/20/11
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