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County Management Organization

At the county level El Dorado County 4-H is governed by two boards: a Management Board and Program Development Board.

Board members have a specific focus, allowing youth or adult volunteers to spend their time where their interest lies. Each management and program development committee has a job description and term of appointment, so volunteers know exactly what they’re signing up for and when their commitment ends.

Board members are appointed through an application and selection process rather than by election. From livestock to resident camp to fund development, youth and adults will work as a team to orchestrate their project. Job descriptions are posted and advertised, both in 4-H and also to the greater community.

County boards offer youth adult partnership and committee leadership with a budget and the authority to do their job. UC 4-H staff support our volunteers who lead management and program development committees. This allows all El Dorado County 4-H programs—our clubs, camps, and other efforts—to connect through periodic management board and program development board meetings.

El Dorado County 4-H Youth Development Board Documents:

El Dorado County 4-H Youth Development Management Board Bylaws

El Dorado County 4-H Youth Development Management Board Constitution

Management Board

The management side of our county structure develops and monitors financial resources; works to increase our visibility in the community; handles recognition of youth, volunteers and supporters; and measures and shares our program’s impact.

The following volunteer positions make up the Management Board.

Board Chairs Adult Bob Granade Youth (open position)
Board Secretaries Adult Avis Jolly Youth (open position)
Financial Management Directors Adult Cindy St.Pierre Youth (open position)
Mediation Directors Adult (open position) Youth (open position
Incentives and Recognition Directors Adult Sharon McGaughy Youth (open position)
Resource Development Directors Adult (open position) Youth (open position)
Visibility and Outreach Directors Adult (open position) Youth (open position)
Applications: Adult Youth


Program Board

Members of these program committees work to run and improve their specific program, overseeing operations like Skills Day, camp planning, and Record Books. Often, this is the area of passion for 4-H youth and volunteers.

The Program Development Committees are:
4-H Clubs Events Volunteer Development
County Ambassadors
Record Books Youth Leadership
Camp Service Learning  
Livestock Leaders S.T.E.M  


One Page Business Plan

4-H Business plan: We know that through 4-H, youth learn valuable life skills and get engaged with their community. Therefore we want 4-H to grow and reach more youth! We want 4-H to be the, “go-to” youth development organization in El Dorado County.

In 2014, Management and Program Boards came together to form a One Page Business plan that will serve as our guiding document over the future.


Board Management Calendar
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