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UCCE 4-H Program of El Dorado County

County-Wide Projects

County-Wide Projects are available to any El Dorado County 4-H Member in addition to any projects available at the club level. These projects have their own schedules and meeting dates and it's up to the member to keep informed of meetings. Participating in County-Wide Projects is a great way to interact with members from other clubs who have similar interests.

Please email the leader to get information about the project, dates & times.

As projects are being formed they will be added to this page below, so please continue to check back. If they are listed with the project leader's name you can then login to your family online enrollment profile and add the project(s) to your child(s) list. If there is not a name then the project is not yet available. 

Aerospace & Rocketry

Project Leader: Evan Shipman, theshipmanfamily@att.net

Learn about one of more of the categories. May include designing, building, or demonstrating flying or non-flying gliders, airplanes, or rockets. 4-H Rocketry Project Description

4-H County Ambassadors 

Project Leader: Deanne Repetto, rockyridge@jps.net

A project in which a member is either already an County Ambassador or wishes to become an County Ambassador.
Learn more at https://ucanr.edu/sites/EDC_4-H_Program/Forms/Star_Ranks/Ambassadors/.

Birds - Poultry
Project leader: Anglea Johnson aejohnson250@gmail.com


Project Leader: Robyn Kelly, holmroad@yahoo.com

Learn about beef cattle and their care and management. Members may raise animals for meat or for breeding. Ownership is preferred.

Dog - Agility (max of 20 youth)

Project Leader: Jennifer Peters, tinkerbellrvt@gmail.com

In dog agility, a dog and its handler work as a team to complete an obstacle course quickly and accurately. The handler cues the dog through jumps, tunnels, weave poles and other objects; the dog demonstrates its agility by completing the obstacles as fast as it can, according to the American Kennel Club.

Dog Obedience (Beginning) This project is closed

Project Leader: Karen Anderson, kandersonpt@yahoo.com

Learn about dogs, their care, and their feeding. May include obedience training of animal. Subcategories include Agility, Care and Training, and Stock. 4-H Dog Obedience Project

Drama & Theater Arts

Project Leader: Kendra Anderson andersonfam1980@gmail.com

Learn about everything involved with theater! Members work together to develop a performance including music, dance, acting, stage creation, and scripts.

Equine: Horseless Horse (9 years and Over)

Project Leader: Sue Meade, msmeade45@aol.com

The Horseless Horse Project is designed for 4-Hers that do not currently own or lease a horse. Since horses are fun, many kids have and interest. The focus is on life skill learning and the relationship with a horse. This project is for 9 years and over. Project members will be doing many horse project activities. You will be learning body parts of the horse, breeds, colors, gaits, riding styles, and tack. How bits function, proper grooming, clipping, veterinary care, and nutrition. 4-H Horseless Horse Project 

Equine - Horse (9 years and Over)

Project Leader: Christy Breeden, horseproject4h@yahoo.com

Learn how to care for, feed, and ride a horse of pony. The animal may be either owned or leased. Subcategories of this project include Breeding, Draft, Drill, Judging, Driving, English, Gymkhana & Dressage, Miniature, Trail Riding, and Western.

Goats - Dairy Large

Project Leader: Denise Jones (marybellefarms@yahoo.com)

Goats - Market

Project Leader: Denise Jones (marybellefarms@yahoo.com)


Project Leader: Gene Boring (geneboring@gmail.com)


Project Leader: Laurie Richardson, lauriejr5@gmail.com

Learn about the general care, grooming and showmanship of pygmy goats. Members will learn how to groom and show their goats for fair. They will learn basic care for their goat. Pygmy goats are raised for pets, breeding and show. Pygmy goats are not sold at fair. Pygmy goats is a great first project!

Public Speaking/Presentation (primary members welcome)
Project Leader
Mindy Hopson: mindyhopson@gmail.com
Public Speaking Project Flyer

Rabbit Agility

Project Leaders:
Traci Hempel tracihempel@gmail.com
Kianna Gerell kgerell@gmail.com


Project Leaders:
Traci Hempel tracihempel@gmail.com
Kianna Gerell kgerell@gmail.com

Learn the care, feeding, and management of rabbits. Members may raise animals for pets, fur, show, or breeding.


Project Leader: Danelle Hosmann, danelleah1@att.net


Project Leaders:
Miranda Jachens, crjachens@hotmail.com
Alexandra Nission, alexruby97@gmail.com

Learn about the care and management of market sheep. Members may raise animals for market or show.

Sports - Disc Golf

Project Leader: Evan Shipman, theshipmanfamily@att.net

4-H Disc Golf Project Description

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