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Room Reservations

To reserve the conference room at the Bethell-Delfino Agriculture Building in Placerville, please follow these steps.

  1. Check the availability of the Conference Room for the days you would like.

Bethell-Delfino Ag Building Room Reservation Form

El Dorado County

Please  read the documents below and fill out the survey if you wish to reserve the conference room for your organization. You will be sent an email once your reservation has been approved.

Note #1: The Bethell-Delfino Agriculture Building is a FRAGRANCE FREE Facility. Please read the policy links below and be sure to advise your members and attendees of this policy. People may be asked to leave the building if it is not followed as we have several people working in the building that have allergies ranging from sinus issues to migraines. Thank you for your constant cooperation.

Note #2: County Policy: No animals on county premises. Please advise your members and/or attendees to leave them at home.

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