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2023 Camp Information

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El Dorado County 4-H Camp  |  July 10-14, 2023

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Any 4-H member who is 9 years old by July 14, 2023, up to 19 years old by December 31, 2023


Regular Registration (April 1 - June 1)
  • Active 4-H Members: $350
  • Non-Members: $416 ($350 plus $66 4-H membership fee paid separately)
A $50 non-refundable deposit or payment in-full (plus $66 4-H membership fee and enrollment application, if not yet enrolled in 4-H for the 2022-2023 program year) must be received by the 4-H Office within 10 days of submitting the online Camp Registration Form. Payment plans are available upon request;  balance of all camp fees must be paid by June 16, 2023.
  1. Submit Camp Registration Form 
  2. Pay $50 non-refundable deposit or fees in-full
  3. If not yet enrolled in 4-H for the 2022-2023 program year, you must also:

Mail: Make checks payable to "UC Regents" and send to:

UCCE Central Sierra 4-H YDP
311 Fair Lane
Placerville, CA 95667

Credit Card: Accepted online only with a non-refundable transaction fee of 4%.

In-Person: Cash or check payments can be accepted at the 4-H Office (311 Fair Lane, Placerville) Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.

About Camp

California 4-H research shows that camps promote positive youth development. California 4-H camps foster exceptionally strong relationships for both campers and staff. 

What is 4-H camp?

4-H Camp is a five-day, 4 night, overnight summer camp for youth 9-17 years old. The goal of our staff is to create an exciting and nurturing environment where kids can develop self-confidence, teamwork, and try fun challenges. We want our youth to get a sense of connection with themselves, their friends, and the environment. Each cabin has a youth counselor who emphasizes safety, leads recreational activities, and serves as a mentor, as well as an adult leader responsible for supervision.

Where is 4-H camp located?

We have leased the Camp Concord facility from the City of Concord for our camp. It's located just off Hwy 89 between Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake about an hour from Placerville.

What Activities are at 4-H Camp?

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Each day, there are several opportunities for campers to experience a variety of activities. They will have their choice of activities during the morning sessions. Camp Concord offers a lake front, canoeing, hiking, craft room, basketball courts, volleyball, sports, and unique recreational activities like archery, mountain golf & disc golf, a campfire amphitheater, and much more! In the evenings campers participate in events like a night hike, campfire, a dance, stargazing, or a talent show. Campers also work on creating original skits and musical programs for their campfires.

Why should parents consider 4-H camp?

Camps sponsored by 4-H have been developed based on knowledge gained through decades of youth development experience. The experience of attending and participating in 4-H Camp can help youth build self-confidence, meet new people and provide a safe opportunity to experience new opportunities. Camp helps young people to reach their full potential as competent, confident, leaders of character who contribute and are connected to their communities.

A positive small group environment is created by combining youth of similar ages in cabins or tents with youth counselors and adult volunteers. Campers learn to make decisions, share responsibilities, solve problems, and organize housekeeping tasks and their daily schedule.

Is transportation provided to 4-H camp?

Campers will be responsible for making their own transportation arrangements to and from camp. It is our hope that since Camp Concord is centrally located, transportation will not create undue hardships on any family.

How much does 4-H camp cost?

The fee for 4-H camp covers the cost of leasing camp property, all meals, activities, facility staff, supplies, T-shirt and a camp photo. The 5-day camp costs $350 per person. Youth not currently enrolled in 4-H must join at an additional cost of $66. Call 530-621-5503 for more information. Campers may choose to bring some spending money for the canteen and souvenirs.

Who is responsible for the safety of my child at 4-H camp?

Trained counselors and adult staff have each child’s safety as their primary concern. Safety precautions are adhered to in food preparation, water safety, archery and hiking. We have a system for monitoring medications and the health of the campers and will have an on-site nurse. Emergency and disaster procedures have been developed in collaboration with the facility management. Every camper will choose a “buddy” and will be with that buddy throughout the entire week.

Our camp is affiliated with and follows guidelines developed by the University of California. There is a statewide camping committee which was organized to evaluate the California 4-H camping experience and to then develop best practices for interesting and safe camp programs. Additionally, Camp Concord is certified by the American Camping Association.

Do the counselors and adult leaders receive training?

Every 4-H program that offers a resident summer camp takes responsibility for training their youth and adult staff. Leadership is identified for various camp functions and training generally consists of 7-8 months of preparation. Our camp youth staff members meet on a regular basis to learn their responsibilities, participate in training activities, and plan camp programs. Our adult directors have worked in the camping industry for over twenty years and attended several training sessions and workshops sponsored by the American Camping Association and University of California.

What will the youth/adult ratio be?

The California 4-H YDP requires 1 adult chaperon for every 8 youth. All adult chaperons receive 4-H orientation training and must clear a background check prior to attending camp. There will be one adult and one Teen Youth Jr. Counselor in each cabin.

What if my child becomes homesick?

Homesickness is most common in first time campers, but it can happen to anyone. Sometimes the fear of becoming homesick happens before arriving at camp or on the trip to camp. It is important to keep a positive attitude while talking to your camper; focus on wonderful opportunities like new friends and new experiences. Be sure to listen to your child and reassure them. Tell them how proud you are of them for going to camp, and give them ideas to make the camping trip a positive experience. You know your child best and are aware of their fears and abilities. Most camps have a camp nurse; it is important to share these concerns with him/her or write about it on the medical treatment form that the nurse will be reviewing before camp starts. Our youth and adult staff have been trained and provided with a series of options to help any age child that may experience homesickness.

What should my child bring to 4-H camp?

Camp Concord cabins have wood structure floors, walls and roofing. Most cabins have electricity. Generally, items appropriate for camp include a sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, warm jacket, toilet articles, and several changes of clothing, musical instruments, and theme clothing items. Please note that we have also identified exclusionary items your child can not bring to camp in order to enrich the camp experience. These items may include computers, PDAs, money, and cell phones.

My child is not a member of 4-H; may he/she still attend a 4-H camp?

All children who meet the age criteria for 4-H camp are welcome to register for camp. Frequently, 4-H members will invite their friends to accompany them to camp. The policy of the University of California is to enroll all camp participants in 4-H for the purpose of medical and accident insurance coverage. We hope that the experience is meaningful to the non-4-H participant and they will consider joining a 4-H club after attending camp. 

How do I contact my child?

In order to maintain a sense of independence, and discourage homesickness, once campers are dropped off and settled in with their cabin groups and counselors, the only parent contact will be through mail and packages. Our directors will be available to facilitate communication between campers and parents, and will be accessible in cases where emergency contact is necessary.



The El Dorado 4-H Office 
Angela Johnson
Phone: (530) 621-5503
Fax: 888-764-9669
Email: anejohnson@ucanr.edu