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Livestock Advisory Committee

El Dorado 4-H Livestock Advisory Committee Meeting
Third Thursdays at 6 p.m. via Zoom

The Livestock Advisory Program Development Committee is responsible for the development and delivery of educational programs to 4-H members.

The activities/programs that come under the livestock category are:

  • Provide leadership for livestock program.
  • Organize and conduct skill training for volunteers.
  • Organize and conduct county events (Field/Skills Days) that apply to livestock.
  • Maintain communications with 4-HYD staff, clubs, groups, and 4-H Management Board
  • Counsel volunteer leaders on the county’s 4-H policies and procedures as well as CDFA Rules for State Fairs, and the Agreement between UC, 4-H, FFA, Grange, Fairs, and CDFA.
  • Conduct orientation for Project leaders.
  • Manage 4-H species awards for County Fair.
  • Responsible for proficiency test and awards.

Committee Members

Alpacas & Llamas
Adult Layla Cordero
Youth Lilyana C.
Cattle - Beef
Adult Heather Lemos
Youth Taylor B.
Dairy Goats
Adult Denise Jones
Youth Cheyenne J.
Adult Christy Breeden
Youth Maddie B.
Adult Angela Johnson
Rabbit & Cavies
Adult Danelle Hosmann
Market Sheep & Goats
Adult Shannon Bacchi
Youth Brayden B.
Adult Mike Roth

Livestock Advisory Committee Awards

Each year these awards are given to 4-H Members at the El Dorado County Fair.

Livestock Proficiencies

There are three to four proficiencies for each species. Proficiency test may be taken at Skills Day, by appoint at the 4-H Office, or at a time designated by the Species Resource Leader.

Proficiency Tests available:

  • Cattle: Beef
  • Cavy
  • Dog Care & Training
  • Goats: Dairy
  • Goats: Nigerian
  • Goats: Market
  • Goats: Pygmy
  • Horse
  • Poultry
  • Rabbit
  • Sheep: Market
  • Swine: Market

Study guide information coming soon.