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El Dorado 4-H Lending Library & Learning Labs

Lending Library
El Dorado County 4-H has a lending library full of Cooperative Extension reviewed and approved curriculum along with many other resources available for adult volunteers and youth member to borrow. This library is located at the El Dorado County 4-H Office: 311 Fair Lane in Placerville.

Volunteers and members are welcome to come to the 4-H Office Monday through Friday, during business hours, and check-out any needed resources.
Lending Library Check-Out Form

Learning Lab Kits
These Lab Kits were designed by Ohio 4-H and cover species-specific, hands-on, durable learning materials. Lab Kits have a variety of materials and resources for both beginning and experienced Project Leaders. Learning Lab Kits are available in the following species and/or topics.

Dog - Kit Contents - Dog
Goat -  Kit Contents - Goat
Horse -  Kit Contents - Horse
Sheep -  Kit Contents - Sheep

El Dorado County 4-H Library Inventory (Revised October, 2016)

Number - Publication/Reference Material


A1   Counting on Cooperatives-Ag in the Classroom


AC1   4-H Home Arts and Furnishings Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced
AC2   A Pallet of Fun with Arts and Crafts
AC3   Adventures in Arts
AC4   Photography Project
AC6   Easy to Make "Wooden Sundials"
AC7   501 Fun to Make Family Crafts
AC8   The 3-D Paper Book
AC9   Beginners Arts Series "Color Fun"
AC10   Friendship Bracelets with Metallic Braid
AC11   Made with Paper
AC12   Balloon, Cartoons and Other Favourites
AC13   Snips & Snails & Walnut Whales
AC14   Classic to Contemporary
AC15   Making Your Own Toys
AC16   Nature Craft Workshop
AC17   Beaded Ornaments in Plastic Canvas
AC18   Country Handcrafts the Teddy Bear Book
AC19   Friendly Plastic Jewelry Store
AC20   Puddles & Wings & Grapevine Swings
AC21   Handmade Greeting Cards
AC22   Incredibly Awesome Crafts for Kids
AC25   Native American Crafts Workshop
AC26   Donna Erickson’s Fabulous Fun stuff for Families
AC27   More Prime Time Activities with Kids
AC28   Let’s Sew
AC29   Let’s Sew
AC30   DoughCrafts
AC31   Photography Project Guide
AC32   Night Photography
AC33   Creative Black & White
AC34   Print Your Own Pictures
AC35   Take Better Pictures
AC36   Photographing Friends and Family


AN1   A Unit about Whales
AN2   Discovering the World of Insects
AN3   Eagles - Hunters of the Sky
AN5 a,b   Amphibians and You: A look at the Amphibian Crisis (2 sets)


CS1    Going Places, Making Choices
CS2    The Kids Guide to Social Action (2 copies)
CS3    The Recycler’s Handbook
CS4    Young People Creating Community Change
CS5    Simple Things You Can do to Save the Earth


FAM 1   The Family Enrichment Program-A guide for Strengthening Families Through Weekly Family Night.
FAM 2   The Family Enrichment Program-A guide for Strengthening Families Through Weekly Family Night.
FAM 3   The Family Enrichment Program-A guide for Strengthening Families Through Weekly Family Night.
FAM 4   The Family Enrichment Program-A guide for Strengthening Families Through Weekly Family Night.


F1   Yeast Breads
F2   Bread and Little Hands
F3   Healthalicious Cooking: Learning About Food and Physical Activity
F4   Food Youth Activity Guide
F5   What’s On Your Plate-Youth Science Journal and Facilitator Guide Books Levels 1, 2
F9   Exploring Our Food Heritage
F10   The Amazing Milk Book
F12   Kids are Natural Cooks
F13   Kitchen Science for Kids
F14-17   Leader/Helper’s Guide for Foods Curriculum (A, B, C, and D)
F18   Muffins and More
F19   Nutrition Update
F20   Rising to the Occasion
F21   Eating Healthy From Farm to Fork-Kindergarten
F22   Eating Healthy From Farm to Fork-First Grade
F23   Eating Healthy From Farm to Fork-Second Grade


FR1   Fundraising for the Long Haul
FR2   The Accidental Fundraiser


GA1   4-H Bingo
GA2   4-H Outdoor Adventures (Hiking, camping, backpacking) Grades 3-12
GA3   Sport Fishing Activity Guide
GA4   Lovin’ Dutch Oven (Outdoor Cooking)
GA5   Bicycle Adventures
GA6   The Complete Ropes Course Manual
GA7   Cowstails and Cobras II (Games, Ropes Course, and Adventure Curriculum)
GA9   Flying and Floating
GA10   Skills for Life: Woodworking
GA11   Skills for Life: Theatre Arts Series
GA12   Theatre Arts: Imagination in Action
GA13   The Marine Biology Coloring Book
GA14   More Hand Shadows
GA15   A Coloring Book of Birds in California
GA16   Lots More to Tell and Draw Stories
GA17   Whittling and Woodcarving
GA18   The Comic Strip Book
GA19   Be a Clown
GA20   Clay Fun
GA21   The Animation Book
GA23   Steve Cancy's Kids America
GA28   Creative Clowning
GA29   Great Balloon Fun
GA30   Bicycling for Fun-Fun Activities for Youth Cyclists (Levels 1, 2, Helper Guide)


G1   Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
G2   Children’s Gardens
G3   Ag in the Classroom: Ag Bites, Ag Facts and Activities, Food Safety
G4   Gardening Encyclopedia
G5   Insects All Around Us
G6   Invasion of the Medfly-Ag in the Classroom
G7   Nature Exploring
G8   Primary Planters: A 4-H Gardening Project
G9   The Great Butterfly Hunt
G10   The Handy Bug Book
G11   The Invaders-Ag in the Classroom
G12   Theme Gardens
G13   Western Garden Book
G14   Wildlife Identification Pocket Guide
G15   The Kid’s Nature Book
G16   Gardens for Learning: Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden
G17   Junior Master Gardener’s Handbook and Teacher Guide-Level 1
G18   Teaming with Insects: Levels 1-3
G19   Take Your Pick
G20 a,b   Project Butterfly Wings (Leader Guide and Youth Guide)
G21   Let’s Get Growing! (Youth Activity Guide)
G22   El Dorado County Xeriscape Handbook and Self-Guided Tour 
G23   Ladybug Ladybug-Curriculum Activity Guide
G24   Butterfly Flutterby-Curriculum Activity Guide


LE1   Understanding America's Presidents
LE2   Atlas of American History
LE3   Create an Autobiography
LE4   Among Us: Life in a Niseman Maidu Village
LE5   Family Math
LE6   Exploring Our World with Maps
LE7   Mummies and Their Mysteries
LE9   Blood and Guts
LE10   Environmental Education "Compendium for Water Resources
LE11-13   25 Surefire Ways to Enhance your Children's Enthusiasm for Learning
LE14   Binder with: Quality Assurance, “A Question of Ethics,” and “A Step Beyond: a Question of Ethics.”


LB1 a, b, c   Bite Into Beef
LB2   Kansas Beef Leader Notebook
LD1 a, LD1b   Dairy Cattle
LD2   Dairy Goats
LD3   Dig Into Dairy
LG1   Exploring Pygmy Goat Project
LG3 a, b   Pack Goat Resource
LG4   Goat Symposium Market & Dairy Goat
LG5   Storey’s Guide to Raising Meat Goats
LG6   Guide to Regional Ruminant Anatomy Based on the Dissection of the Goat
LG7   Storey’s Guide to Raising Meat Goats
LG8   Storey’s Guide to Raising Diary Goats
LH2   Horse Industry Handbook
LH3   Horsing Around
LH4   How to Stay Out of Trouble with Your Horse
LH5   Horse Binder - UC Publications
LH6   California Gymkhana Association Rule Book
LH7   Storey’s Barn Guide to Horse Health Care & First Aid
LH9   Storey’s Guide to Feeding Horses
LH10   The Treasury of Horses
LH11   Vavra’s Horses-Ten of the World’s Most Beautiful Equines
LH12   Feeding and Care of the Horse
LH13   El Dorado County 4-H Horse Project Resources
LH14   Skills for Life: Discovering Horse Activities
LH15   United States Equestrian Federation 2016 Rulebook
LL1   Leader’s Manual for 4-H Llama Activities
LL2   Storey’s Guide to Raising Llamas
LP1   Experience in Poultry Science
LP2   Poultry Leader’s Guide
LP3 a, b   Scratching the Surface
LP4   Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens
LP5   Storey’s Guide to Raising Turkeys
LP6   Storey’s Guide to Raising Poultry
LP7   Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds
LP8   Introduction to Poultry for Youth
LR1 a,b   What’s Hoppening?
LR2   Rabbit Production
LR3   The Biology & Medicine of Rabbits & Rodents
LR4   House Rabbit Handbook
LR5   Lop Rabbits as Pets
LR7    The New Rabbit Handbook
LR10   Rabbit Showmanship –(Binder)
LR11   Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits
LSh1   Raising Sheep the Modern Way
LSh2a   Rams, Lambs, and You
LSh3   Storey’s Barn Guide to Sheep
LSh5   What Does it Mean to Be a Sheep?
LS5   What Does it Mean to Be a Pig?
LS6   Exploring Swine Health & Husbandry
LS7   Skills for Life: Swine Youth Activity Guide
L2   Exploring Farm Animals
L3   Keeping Livestock Healthy


PC1   Pet Pals Level 1
PC2   Purr-fect Pals
PC3   Small Animals
PC4   The Story of Jumping Mouse
PC5   Wiggles and Waggles
PC6   Howell's Beginners Guide to Cockatiels
PC7   The German Sheppard Dog
PC8   Skills for Life: Fun Activities for You and Your Dog
PC10   The Green Iguana Manual
PC11   Beginning with Snakes
PC12   Turtles
PC13   Turtles a Compete Pet Owner’s Manual
PC14   Chameleons as Pets
PC15   How To Behave So Your Dog Behaves


Sc1   4-H Mosquito Fish Project
Sc2   Batteries, Bulbs, and Wires
Sc3   Cycling Back Into Nature: Food Production and Pesticides
Sc4   Cycling Back Into Nature: With Biodegradable Polymers
Sc5   Earthquakes: Beyond Duck, Cover, and Hold
Sc6   Energizing Your Future
Sc7   Energy Education Resource (K-12 grade)
Sc8   Cycling Back Into Nature: Field of Genes
Sc9   In Touch Science: Chemistry and Environment
Sc10   In Touch With Science: Fibers and Animals
Sc11   In Touch With Science: Foods and Fabrics
Sc12   In Touch With Science: Plants and Engineering
Sc13   Mountains and Volcanoes
Sc14   There’s No New Water (2 Copies)
Sc15   Pre Flight
Sc16   Rivers and Oceans
Sc17   Solids and Liquids
Sc18   Sound and Light
Sc20   Take the Bait
Sc21   Weather and Climate
Sc22   Youth Experiences in Science Project (2 Copies)
Sc22   Youth Experiments in Science
Sc23 a,b   Youth Experiments in Science Teen Training
Sc24   Water, Electricity, Environmental Investigations
Sc25   Make Your Own Weather Station
Sc26   Super Science Concoctions
Sc28   The Astronomer's Library
Sc29   The Earth Science Book
Sc30   The Complete Science Fair Handbook Grade 4-8
Sc31   200 Illustrated Science Experiments for Children
Sc32   Come to Your Senses
Sc33   Science Experiments You Can Eat
Sc34   Electrical Connectors
Sc35   You Can With Beakman
Sc36   Mr. Wizards Supermarket Science
Sc37   Rockets Away: Member's Guide
Sc38   Rockets Away: Teacher's Guide
Sc39   Awesome Ocean Science
Sc40   Build Your Own Underwater Robot and Other Wet Projects
Sc41 a,b   Project Wet- Facilitator Handbook and Activity Guide
Sc42   Science Discovery Series – Book 1, Lesson Plans for Grades 3-6
Sc43   Science Discovery Series – Book 2, Lesson Plans for Grades 4-7
Sc44   The Power of the Wind
Sc45   Electric Excitement Project Activity Guide


S1   Clothing and Textiles Leader Manual
S2   Sew and Have Fun
S3   Looking Great- Your Fashion Formula Member’s Guide
S4   Looking Great- Your Fashion Formula Member’s Guide
S5, S6   Let’s Sew
S7   The Complete Stitch Encyclopedia
S8   Fabric Christmas Whimsies
S9   Christmas Ornaments in a Hurry
S10   Mc Calls Creates – Farmers Garden
S11   California 4-H Fashion Revue


T1   Adding On
T2   Rifle Instruction Manual and Policy Handbook
T3 a,b,c,d   Junk Drawer Robotics Level 1,2,3 (4 sets)
T4   Inventions, Robots, Future


VS1   Biosecurity in 4-H animal Science: Understanding Disease Transmission
VS7   4-H Veterinary Science – Skills for Life: Animal Series



YC1   Bread and Little Hands- 4-H Leader’s Guide for 5-8 Year Olds
YC2   Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms
YC3   Magic School Bus: At the Waterworks
YC4   Magic School Bus: Baked in a Cake
YC5   Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth
YC6   Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body
YC7   Mini Member Material (1 and 2)
YC13   At The Zoo
YC14   4-H Cooperative Curriculum System Guidebooks (for Primary Members)



YD1   A Guide to Bullying Prevention Programs 
YD2   4-H Clover Buds Project Outline, Disk, and Flashcards
YD3   Creating Youth/Adult Partnerships
YD4   Discovering Choice (2)
YD5   Family Studies Leader Notebook
YD6   Healthy Activities for Youth
YD7   Information Resource (4-H Center Youth Development)
YD8   Pork Youth Program
YD9   Growing On My Own
YD10   Discovering Choice Helper’s Guide
YD11   Humor Me, I’m a Teacher (3 copies)
YD12   Adjust Your Attitude and Laugh ‘Til the Cows Come Home (2 copies)
YD13   Twigs – Youth Development Focus on Gardening & Nutrition
YD14   Understanding and Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth
YD15 a,b   Public Adventures - Adventure Kit and Guide’s Handbook
YD16    “Raise Your Voice”- Service Learning Activities for High School Youth
YD17   Love It, Plan It, Do It – Entrepreneurship Group Activities for Middle and High School Youth
YD18   Eco-Actions
YD19   Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring
YD20   Tools of the Trade II: Inspiring Young Minds to be SET Ready for Life
YD21   Teens Creating Welcoming Communities
YD22    iChampion – 4-H Leadership Project
YD23   Youth Development Through Vet Science
YD24   People Are Talking-A Workbook for Local Issue Framing

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