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Shingle Springers

The Shingle Springers 4-H Club serves Shingle Springs and outlaying areas. The monthly club meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in Shingle Springs. 

Community Club Leaders:                          
Shelly Martinez & Lynn Scales


Website: https://sites.google.com/view/shinglespringers4h

Club Projects

Check back periodically for updates on projects.

Primary members are eligible to participate in projects marked with an (*).

Please contact the leader for information about the project, including meeting dates & times.

Aerospace & Rocketry (COUNTYWIDE)

Learn about one of more of the categories. May include designing, building, or demonstrating flying or non-flying gliders, airplanes, drones, or rockets.

Project Leaders: 
Ryan Rapetti
Jennifer Cooper

Arts & Crafts/Visual Arts (COUNTYWIDE)


Project Leader: 
Amy Davis


Learn to use LEGO®'s creatively to construct various builds, which will help develop skills in logical mathematical thinking, scientific reasoning, computational thinking, and problem solving

Project Leader: 
Eryn Whitaker

Leadership Development/Club Officers

Learn and practice the tasks of your officer position. Club officers take the lead to plan club meetings and events as well as give opportunities for others to lead. Learn to give your opinion during discussions and listen to/consider the ideas of others.

Project Leaders: 
Shelly Martinez
Lynn Scales

Photography (COUNTYWIDE)

Learn to use photographic equipment and take and/or develop photographs.

Project Leader: 
Amy Davis

Primary Member Beginning 4-H (COUNTYWIDE)

For members under the age of nine to participate in; project may include basic sampling of other projects.

Project Leader: 
Lynn Scales

Public Speaking - TENTATIVE

Rabbits: Market/Meat (COUNTYWIDE)

Learn the care, feeding, management, and breeding of rabbits raised for meat production.

Project Leaders: 
Danelle Hosmann
Ashton Hosmann

Record Keeping/Record Books - TENTATIVE

Learn about records management and the practice of identifying, classifying, archiving, preserving, and destroying records. This Project focuses on 4-H
record books

Project Leaders: 
Shelly Martinez
Crystal Singh

Sheep /Market

Learn about the care and management of market sheep. Members may raise animals for market or show.

Project Leaders: 
Claudia Jachens
René Crichton
Alex Bivens

For more projects:
Check out countywide project offerings!

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Club Meetings
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