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Your Agritourism Operation

Agritourism is a completely new business for most farmers and ranchers. Starting an agritourism operation means entering the hospitality industry while maintaining agricultural production. This requires new skills and new partners and involves new regulations and new risks. This section explores steps, challenges & models.

Is agritourism for you?

Agritourism is not the best strategy for every farm or ranch. Farmers and ranchers considering agritourism need to think about their goals and how agritourism activities might help them achieve these goals. They need to assess their own and their community's resources, review legal, human, financial and neighbor-related limitations, and evaluate the potential of various possible activities.

Agritourism Examples

Strategy & planning

Planning your agritourism operation means creating a separate enterprise that supports and complements your agricultural production business. Start with the mission (why), decide on goals and objectives, both financial and social (what), and then develop strategy and tactics to achieve your goals and objectives (how) while staying true to your guiding mission.

Permits, regulations & policy

Agritourism in California has great potential for farmers and ranchers. But numerous regulations  face landowners interested in establishing an agritourism enterprise, Regulations are part of doing business, and your compliance with them helps protect operators as well as consumers from potential liabilities.

Risk management, safety & insurance

Hospitality and visitor care


Farm Trails and other collaboration