Dr. Whitney B. Brim-Deforest

County Director, Sutter and Yuba Counties and CE Rice and Wild Rice Advisor
Sutter-Yuba Counties
142A Garden Hwy
Yuba City, CA 95991
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Also in:
Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
Placer-Nevada Counties



Ph.D. Horticulture and Agronomy, University of California, Davis. 2016
M.S. International Agricultural Development, University of California, Davis. 2014
G.A.C. Development Practice, University of California, Davis. 2014
B.A. Biology, Music, Brown University. 2004


  • Award of Excellence
    Presented by California Weed Science Society,  2023
  • OutstandingPaper in Weed Sci
    Presented by Weed Science Society of America,  2021


Rice, Weeds

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Peer Reviewed

  • Al-Khatib, K; Brim-DeForest, W; Eckert, J; Fischer, A. (Revised 2023) “Weeds” Chapter. In Espino LA, Greer CA, Al-Khatib K, Godfrey LD, Eckert JW, Fischer A, Lawler SP. Revised continuously. UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines: Rice. UC ANR Publication 3465. Davis, CA.

  • Galvin, L., Inci, D., Mesgaran, M., Brim-DeForest, W., & Al-Khatib, K. (2022). Flooding depths and burial effects on seedling emergence of five California weedy rice (Oryza sativa spontanea) accessions. Weed Science, 70(2), 213-219. doi:10.1017/wsc.2021.82

  • Rosenberg S, Crump A, Brim-DeForest W, Linquist B, Espino L, Al-Khatib K, Leinfelder-Miles MM and Pittelkow CM (2022) Crop Rotations in California Rice Systems: Assessment of Barriers and Opportunities. Front. Agron. 4:806572. doi: 10.3389/fagro.2022.806572

  • Brim-DeForest, W., Al-Khatib, K., & Fischer, A. (2022). Emergence and early growth of multiple herbicide–resistant and -susceptible late watergrass (Echinochloa phyllopogon). Weed Technology, 36(1), 101-109. doi:10.1017/wet.2021.86

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  • Karn, E; De Leon, T; Espino, L; Al-Khatib, K; Brim-DeForest, W. (2020). Phenotypic Diversity of Weedy Rice (Oryza sativa f. spontanea) Biotypes Found in California and Implications for Management. Weed Science 68 (5), 485-495

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  • De Leon, Teresa; Karn, Elizabeth, et al. (2019). Genetic variation and possible origins of weedy rice found in California. Ecology and Evolution. 9:10, 5835-5848. 

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  • Brim-DeForest, WB; Al-Khatib, K, et al. (2017). Weed Community Dynamics and System Productivity in Alternative Irrigation Systems in California Rice. Weed Science. 65:1, 177-188. 

  • Bishop, Kristin & Brim-DeForest, Whitney. (2008). Kinematics of turning maneuvers in the Southern flying squirrel, Glaucomys volans. Journal of experimental zoology. Part A, Ecological genetics and physiology. 309. 225-42. 10.1002/jez.447. 

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