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Triple Bottom Line Entrepreneurship


Many of our communities are on the brink. The climate crisis. Mistrust in establishment institutions. Rising social-economic inequities.

Technologies exist that could mitigate the worst of climate change. And many of these technologies promise improvements to quality-of-life for everyday people. But lock-in from powerful incumbents blocks implementation and standardization.

Oftentimes, community members have the best ideas and solution for their local needs. Challenges to the status quo exist in the form of small, independent business, promising startups, and public benefit corporations (PBC). But too often well-meaning public entrepreneurs lack entrepreneurial support infrastructure, strategies for scale, access to mentorship, understanding of the global marketplace, as well as access to new technologies that -when coupled with the social technology of the PBC- could provide major breakthroughs to bring stability and prosperity to many of our hardest hit communities. 

The Center for Triple Bottom Line Entrepreneurship - located at the campus of the University of California Davis-  is a vehicle for advancing rapidly scalable PNBs, leveraging the latest social and institutional governance science, incorporating emergent new technologies that are positioned to set new industry and consumer standards, and finally providing PNB advantage in the marketplace. Located within the Agriculture Sustainability Institute at the University of California Davis, we seek to

  1. Develop or enhance 1-2 PNBs, annually
  2. Convene leading experts from academia and industry in an advisory and executive mentoring capacity
  3. Connect public entrepreneurs to knowledge, capital, and technologists in an effort to
    1. get tech-to-market, and
    2. engage with a broader demographic of impact investors
  4. Enhance market competition by leveling the playing field for PNBs to enter the marketplace.

Current Development Projects

Workforce Housing: Addressing the Missing Middle Housing Gap

Scaling Local Agrifoods: Developing a User Owned and Controlled Ag & Food Value Chain

  • Utilities
    • Community Broadband
  • Housing
  • Food processing and logistics
    • Dairy
  • Retail outlets
    • Coffee
    • Grocery

Mentorship - we connect highly motivated middle management and early career executives who exhibit a triple-bottom-line motivation to mentors in 

  • Adam Schwartz. Expertise: co-operatives, stakeholder-based strategy, governance.
  • Rich Morris. Expertise: scale strategies, association governance and management, small and family operated businesses
  • David Warner [HOLD]. Expertise: 
  • Greg Dinsdale [HOLD]. Expertise: