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Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation


Annual Evaluation (Human Resources)


Annual Evaluation (Human Resources)

Merits & Promotions (Human Resources)

Understanding Merits & Promotions (pdf)

Preparing Your Narrative - Telling your story

Elements of a Successful Program (W Powers) Info Sheet

How to tell your story: The Personal Narrative (online presentation)

How to include administrative elements (online presentation)

How to update your position description (online presentation)


Expectations by rank draft Fact sheet

Themes, Goals, Objectives

How they fit Fact sheet

Goal setting 

Setting goals (online presentation) | Handout | Quiz

Logic Model. What is it? How make one and why? Fact Sheet

Mindmapping (web link mindmapping.com)

LogFrame (web)

Setting objectives

SMART objectives Fact sheet

Policy work

Making Your Policy Work Visible Fact Sheet ; Manual

Writing Letters of Evaluation

Writing an effective letter of evaluation (online presentation)

Writing a Good Letter of Evaluation (Fact sheet)