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Beef Quality Assurance Online Trainings

BQA Training 
February 21, 2022
February 2, 2021
Live - Online Webinar 

UC Cooperative Extension and UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in collaboration with the California Beef Council hosted an online Beef Quality Assurance Training and Certification. The online training included presentations on antibiotic stewardship, vaccine administration and handling, record keeping, and carcass quality.  There was also a Question and Answer session with Dr. Gabriele Maier, DVM, Cooperative Extension Specialist in Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis.


Foothill Abortion - 

Used Sharp (Needles) Disposal in California - 

Bovine Anaplasmosis - 

Record Keeping - 

How to dispose of sharps - 

Antimicrobial Use & Stewardship Law - California Department of Food and Agriculture - (Click here)

Direct Marketing of Beef to Consumers in California - 

    Livestock Sales for Meat: Rules and Regulations 

    Whole Animal Sales for Custom Processing

Pest Management -

Trace Minerals - 

Boluses - 


**Did you miss training and would like to become certified? The BQA Beef Learning Center offer on demand Cow-Calf, stocker/backgrounder and feedyard certification training in Spanish and English at https://bqa.beeflearningcenter.org/



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