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The 4-H Uniform

The 4-H Hat

The 4-H Hat is a source of pride in the California 4-H Youth Development Program. We are the only state to have a 4-H Club Hat. Many members use a hat to place their achievement pins, and to wear during animal showing at fairs. A 4-H Hat is NOT required for membership in 4-H, or for participating in any 4-H activity, event, or meeting. 

Stanislaus County Fair uniform requirements:  Fairs do not fall under the jurisdiction of the 4-H Program, and can have their own clothing requirements for showing.

4-H Uniform Guidelines

A plain white shirt with a collar. Any length of sleeve, including sleeveless is acceptable. Alternate Casual Uniform:  For casual events, members may wear their club or county t-shirt, without the hat, provided that t-shirt has the proper use of the 4-H emblem according to the California 4-H Branding Toolkit.

Members have a choice of bottoms, appropriate to the event or activity, as specified in the California 4-H Dress Guidelines.

OPTIONAL: A traditional 4-H tie or scarf worn with the collared white shirt.  The tie and scarf are both worn under the collar.  Any member can wear either the scarf or the tie--whatever the member is most comfortable wearing. These can be purchased through Leslie Carman 4-H Supplies.


The 4-H uniform guidelines follow the protocols in the California 4-H Dress Guidelines that apply to all 4-H members.


4-H Hat Guidelines

Hat to Wear:
Official green 4-H hat branded with the University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) and the 4-H clover logo mark. For all 4-H members, Primary through Senior.

White Hat - Phasing out starting 2015.  Senior 4-H members, defined as a 4-H member who has graduated from the eighth grade (or 14 years old and older)

Stars, stripes, and medals:

List of Achievement Pins

List of Achievement Pins

Left Side of Hat - All Star, gold, silver, or bronze stars in front. You may "cascade" the stars. Place the the junior/teen leader emblems and the Hi 4-H patch (in that order) behind the stars. These patches are only worn while the member is serving as a junior or teen leader.

Right Side of Hat - Year completion pin and stripe. Year pins are fastened to the hat above the stripe, starting with primary pins next to the 4-H clover.  The 100% attendance pin, if earned, should be fastened to the hat below the stripe of the year that pin was earned.

Medals may be placed on either side of the hat but the left is recommended.

NOTE: No other pin or ribbon should be worn on the hat other than 4-H related items. The hat should reflect the dignity of the 4-H Youth Development Program.  Some items that should not be worn on the hat include buttons, fair medals, convention badges or other regalia.


Catalogs and order forms can be obtained from:

Leslie Carman 4-H Club Supplies

P.O. Box 2351
Atascadero, CA 93423

(805) 462-9433

National 4-H Supply Service

Policy on Replacement of Lost 4-H Pins:

Pins awarded by Club -- members are to contact their local club leader about lost pins that were awarded by the club. The club leader will order a replacement pin at the member's expense. 

Pins awarded by County -- members are to contact the 4-H office about any lost pins awarded by the county, including level testing pins. The county will order a replacement pin at the member's expense. The only exception will be year completion pins where a replacement can be obtained from the 4-H office.

The Community Leader--one copy of each catalog is put in the Club Leader's packet which is distributed at the Club Leader's Orientation meeting or the 4-H Office.  See links above for fast, online ordering. 

Order all Member Awards as follows:

Junior/Teen Leader emblems -- club leader obtains from the 4-H office. These are to be worn on the member's hats only during the time they are serving as a Junior/Teen Leader. 
(Junior Leader = member in leadership project and 7th, 8th & 9th grade)
(Teen Leader = member in leadership project and 10th grade and up)

Star Rank Emblems -- club leader submits a "Star Rank Card" (master copy in club leader's packet) to the 4-H office and obtains the appropriate star rank emblem.

Member Completion Pins -- at the end of the club year, the club leader will submit the club roster, which has been updated, to the 4-H office. A pin packet will be put together and will be available at the fall Club Leaders' Orientation meeting. If a member's pin is lost or broken, contact the 4-H office for a replacement. 

Cap Stripes -- these are ordered from the Leslie Carman catalog by the club leader. When the completion pins are presented to the members they should be accompanied by the appropriate "stripe."  

White stripe on green background for green cap

Green stripe on white background for white cap (phasing out)

Gold stripe on white background for member completing a year of junior/teen leadership with a white cap (phasing out)

Gold stripe on green background for member completing a year of junior/teen leadership with a green cap

4-H Caps, 4-H ties, collar chevrons, redi-made collars, collar kits -- order from Leslie Carman catalog. 

100% attendance pins -- club leader orders from National Supply catalog