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Environmental Flows

Summary Plans activities to address fish-related issues including the impact of dams, forestry, agriculture, water utilization and urbanization of aquatic habitats affecting both the inland and coasts. Name changed per Mark Bell November 2018
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Ted Grantham (Co-Chair)
Phone 510-664-4664
Unit: ESPM - Ecosystem Sciences
Name Samuel Sandoval Solis (Co-Chair)
Unit: Land, Air & Water Resources
Membership List
AES Scientist
Cech, Joseph Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology
  Professor - Emeritus Physiological adaptations and adjustments of fishes to their environments
Moyle, Peter Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology
  Professor Ecology and conservation of freshwater and estuarine fishes
CE Advisor
Barry, Sheila Santa Clara County
  County Director Santa Clara / Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor, San Francisco Bay Area Rangeland Ecology and Management, Beef Cattle Production, Rangeland Conservation, Grazing Management,
Becchetti, Theresa Stanislaus County
  Farm Advisor Livestock and Natural Resources, San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties
Drake, Daniel Siskiyou County
  Farm Advisor Conducts research and educational programs in the areas of livestock, range and pasturing with emphasis on beef cattle, computer application, animal nutrition, particularly trace minerals and general agricultural marketing economics as key areas
Drill, Sabrina Los Angeles County
  Natural Resources Advisor Watershed education, conservation and restoration of aquatic and wildland habitats and anadramous fishes, aquatic and terrestrial invasive species, fire ecology and landscape preparation, land use planning, environmental literacy and public participation in science.
Forero, Larry Shasta County
  County Director Livestock and Natural resources
George, Holly Plumas Sierra
  Livestock & Natural Resource- Emeritus Livestock, Multiple Use of Natural Resources & Community Development
Malkin, Richard
  Professor Emeritus Photosynthesis: energy transduction in biological membranes
Larsen, Royce San Luis Obispo County
  Area Natural Resource/Watershed Advisor Water Quality and Non-point Source Pollution on Rangelands. Also, other natural resource issues including: Rangeland Improvements, Noxious Invasive Weeds, Wildland Fires, Grassland Restoration and Endangered Species.
Lewis, David Marin County
  Director, Advisor Water and Watershed Management and Research, Community Development, Sustainable Agricutlure
Lile, David Lassen County
  County Director Livestock / Natural Resources
Marzolla, A. Michael Ventura County
  Emeritus Youth development, environmental & science education, educational materials development, critical pedagogy
Obedzinski, Mariska Sonoma County
  Coho Monitoring Coordinator Fisheries
Olin, Paul Sonoma County
  Sea Grant Extension Program Academic Coordinator Aquaculture, marine fisheries, agriculture and natural resources issues
CE Specialist
Dewees, Christopher Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology
  Specialist in Cooperative Extension Marine Fisheries, Emeritus Marine fisheries; human dimensions of fisheries management; commercial fisheries technology
Grantham, Ted ESPM - Ecosystem Sciences
  Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist climate, water management and freshwater ecology
Ponzio, Richard Human & Community Development
  Specialist in CE (Emeritus) Development and assessment of science education and science literacy programs in non-school settings (e.g. museums, 4-H Youth Development, after school programs, etc.), developing critical thinking skills using science content and methodology, teacher education and teacher partnerships for inquiring into improved instruction strategies, school reform issues, using student portfolios for assessing accomplishment
Sandoval Solis, Samuel Land, Air & Water Resources
  Associate Professor and Cooperative Extension Specialist in Water Resources Water Resources Management, Environmental Flows, Agricultural Water management, Risk Analysis, Cost Benefit Analysis, Science Communication
Tate, Kenneth Department of Plant Sciences
  Professor and Russell L. Rustici Rangeland Watershed Science Specialist in Cooperative Extension rangeland management, livestock grazing, water quality, riparian areas, restoration, soil health
Other ANR
Frost, William Central Sierra Cooperative Extension
  CE Advisor, Emeritus
Giusti, Gregory Lake County
  Forests & Wildland Ecology Advisor- Emeritus Forest management, wildlife management, vertebrate pest management, wetlands, watersheds, fisheries and freshwater ecology
Tietje, William
  Area Natural Resource Specialist Oak woodland ecology and management, human impacts on wildlife, oak regeneration, land use planning
Harris, Richard Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
  Forest stewardship and management, stream restoration, environmental monitoring
Other UC
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