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Contribute towards the 4-H Revolution

4-H: Future Scientists

Your Donation's Impact

Future leaders in America need your help! As a non-profit organization, we depend on the generosity of donors just like you to ensure our programs have a lasting impact on the young people all around us.

Programs such as 4-H are delivering valuable, hands on learning experiences to young people right now, engaging their imaginations and cultivating critical skills that they need to be prepared for a life of citizenship and meaningful contribution. 

No donation is too small, start making a difference today with your tax deductible contribution.

Our Wish List

  • $25 - Buys basic equipment for a beehive
  • $50 - Covers 4-H yearly membership fees for a low-income youth
  • $100 - Buys a sewing machine for use in club projects
  • $150 - Partial scholarship for local child's 4-H Camp registration
  • $200 - Partial scholarship for a youth to attend the 4-H State Leadership Conference
  • $250 - Provides resources for local school garden program for one year


From an Alumni

Kate Lyn Sutherland shares her 4-H experience. Video by 4-H alumni Rebecca Bernal.