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Countywide Projects

Active 4-H members can sign up to join countywide projects. You will need to contact the project leader(s) for more details on meeting requirements, location and times. 

Note: The project will be listed under the Sponsored 4-H Club in 4HOnline. 

Here are some of the 2020-2021 Countywide projects. More will be added in the coming weeks.

Our county is now in the Orange (moderate) tier (refer to Blueprint for a Safer Economy for updates). We will conduct meetings/programs/activities virtually when possible.
All other safety protocols apply (symptom screening, distancing, use of face masks, hygiene/sanitation, etc.) Project leaders will let you know if they have received approval to hold indoor and outdoor activities. 

List of Countywide projects offered (pdf)

Project: 4-H Million Trees
Sponsored: Pacifica 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Tom Webber, 4hmilliontrees@gmail.com
Youth Leader: Open
Open to: 9 yrs old and up
Meeting Location: varies
Dates/Times: Contact Tom

Description: The 4-H Million Trees Project gives youth an opportunity to learn about conservation as they have fun planting trees and doing their part in the climate crisis.  Meetings/planting events scheduling for this service-learning project will depend on the rains and the access to planting sites.

Project: Archery
Cañada/Redwood City 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Emmy Johnson, emma.johnson711@gmail.com and Brad Cassetta, bcassetta@aol.com
Youth Leader: Open
Open to: 9 years old and up
Meeting Location: UC Elkus Ranch, Half Moon Bay
Dates/Times: TBD


Description: If you like to be outdoors, this is an opportunity for youth to be outside and learn how to how to safely operate and maintain archery equipment. Youth will practice shooting at targets and have the opportunity to enter in shooting competitions. This project is designed for both beginners and advanced archers.

Project: Character Drawing
Sponsored: Pacifica 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Jesse Lindow, jdlindow@hotmail.com and Laura Lindow, lauraclarklindow@mac.com
Youth Leader: Open
Open to: All ages
Meeting Location: Virtual
Dates/Times: Contact Jesse or Laura

Description: Learn how to draw fun characters for cartoons, movies, comics, fantasy, or anime. We will practice the basics of proportions, sketches, shading, movements, and poses with simple drawing exercises, and then unlock your own character ideas. Sketch cool poses! Master facial expressions! Add clothes, companions, and color for extra style and contrast!  We will work with whatever materials you have at home – from crayons to markers and beyond.

Project: Collecting – My Favorite Things
Sponsored: San Bruno-SSF 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Mimi Powers, mimirpowers@aol.com
Youth Leader: Nina Cialone
Open to: 7 yrs old and up
Meeting Location: Virtual
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Dates: 12/11/20, 1/8/21, 2/12/21, 3/12/21, 4/9/21, 5/14/21

Description: Do you love to collect things? Would you like to create a special collection of things you love? Or take a collection you already have to the next level? Learn about various types of collections, themes, budgeting, inventory, and how to best display your items (hopefully at the San Mateo County Fair!!).

Project: Dog
Sponsored: Cañada-Redwood City 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Brad Cassetta, bcassetta@aol.com
Youth Leader: Open
Open to: 9 yrs old and up (max 8)
Required: Dog(s)
Meeting Location: San Mateo Dog Training Hall
595 Taylor Way #2, San Carlos, CA 94070
Time: 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm
Dates: 11/7/20, 12/5/20, 12/19/20, 1/2/21, 1/23/21, 2/13/21,3/13/21, 4/10/21

Join us in the Dog Project. We will be teaching the skills necessary to compete in the fair: heeling, stays, sits, downs, recalls, Rally stations, Showmanship and Tunnel and weaves. We will learn about different breeds, how to groom a dog, etc. 4-Her must commit to training dogs at least 10 minutes a day 5 days a week. Training dogs is fun and requires a lot of repetition and time to refine skills and teamwork. Limited to eight 4-Hers and their dogs.

Equine SPIN 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Jennifer Ott Cameron, jottcameron@yahoo.com
Youth Leader: Open
Open to: 9 yrs old and up (max 8 per group)
Meeting Location: Jasper Ridge Farm
2720 Alpine Road, Portola Valley, CA 94028
Dates/Times: Contact Jennifer

Description: This SPIN program is intended to educate the participants as well as the broader equine community using the 4-H curriculum. There will also be a focus on ethology, mental and physical welfare, the latest research, equine issues around the world, and more. We will start online but may progress to some in-person meetings at Webb Ranch per the current recommendations. My current plan for a final project is a service-learning/grass-roots campaign built around a current equine welfare issue (local or national). This could be posters and flyers all the way to trying to effect legislative change.

Project: Landscape Art
Adult Leader: Ritu Bansal, ritumotilal@yahoo.com
Youth Leader: Radhika Agrawal
Open to: 7 yrs old and up
Meeting Location: Virtual
Dates/Times: Contact Ritu

Learn how to make amazing different landscapes with soft pastels. We will learn about night skies, water, sunrises, moons, the northern lights, and animals. We will also learn different techniques and the exciting history behind pastels.

Project: Pen Pride (part of Burlingame-San Mateo 4-H Club Lamb project)
Sponsored: Burlingame-San Mateo 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Rebecca Russell, rrussell419@gmail.com
Youth Leader: Jessica Russell
Open to: 9 yrs old and up
Meeting Location: Crystal Springs 4-H Farm
924 Skyline Blvd, Burlingame CA 94010
Dates/Times: Contact Valerie

Description: Pen Pride has been a tradition at the San Mateo County Fair for over 30 years. This is an educational fundraiser for the 4-H County Council. Youth learn how to raise and care for large animals which includes feeding, pen cleaning and exercising. A set schedule will be arranged for all participants.

Project: Public Speaking
Sponsored: Belmont 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Sandra Nalls, snallswfg@gmail.com
Youth Leader: Open
Open to: all ages
Meeting Location: Virtual
Dates/Times: Contact Sandra

Description: The Public Speaking Project will focus on how video conferencing techniques play a role in online presentations. Participants will have the opportunity to practice organizing and making impromptu speeches while gaining an understanding of how to present a complimentary and supportive on-screen image.

Sponsored: Belmont 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Evelyn Klein, eeklein@pacbell.net
Youth Leader: Open
Open to: 9 yrs old and up (space is limited)
Meeting Location: Evelyn’s home (Redwood City)
Dates/Times: TBD (2021)

Description: Learn how to sew a quilt. New members will be working on one quilt were continuing members will work on other quilts. You could enter your finished quilt at the San Mateo County Craft Expo and/or San Mateo County Fair youth exhibit. Cost of quilt is $60.00 up. 

Project: Reptile
Sponsored: Belmont 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Alexandra Dupont, alexandradupontralls@gmail.com
Youth Leader: Georgia Friedrichs
Open to: All ages
Meeting Location: Virtual
Times: 5:30 pm
Dates: 10/26/20, 11/4/20, 12/1/20, 1/5/21, 2/1/21, 3/3/21

Description: The reptile project, brought to you using Zoom, will meet each month. We will talk about the different types of reptiles and their husbandry. We will talk about their diets, habitats, behaviors and other interesting traits. During this project we will also have some special guests join us to help educate everyone on these unique reptile species!

Project: Virtual Disease Detectives
Sponsored: San Bruno-SSF 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Mimi Powers, mimirpowers@aol.com
Youth Leader: Isabelle Cialone, isabellec2023@internationalsf.org
Open to: 12 yrs old and up
Meeting Location: Virtual
Time: 4:00 – 5:00 pm
Dates: 11/7/20, 12/5/20, 1/2/21, 2/6/21, 3/6/21, 4/3/21, 5/1/21, 6/5/21

Description: Learn about disease outbreaks, virus transmission,

public health investigations and protective actions. This is a new project developed by the UC 4-H Healthy Living team for virtual delivery.