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Countywide Projects

Active 4-H members can sign up to join a countywide projects. You will need to contact the project leader(s) for more details on meeting requirements, location and times. 

Note: The project will be listed under the Sponsored 4-H Club in 4HOnline. 

Here are some of the 2020-2021 Countywide projects. More will be added in the coming weeks.

At this time, our 4-H office is recommending limited in-person meetings.

4-H Million Trees

The 4-H Million Trees Project gives youth an opportunity to learn about conservation as they have fun planting trees and doing their part in the climate crisis.  Meetings/planting events scheduling for this service-learning project will depend on the rains and the access to planting sites.

Sponsored: Pacifica 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Tom Webber, 4hmilliontrees@gmail.com
Youth Leader: Open
Open to: 13 – 18 yrs old

Meeting Location: varies


Create a robot using java programming, CAD, physical construction, graphic design and documentation.

Sponsored: Belmont 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Keith Farkas and Mark Larson
Youth Leader: Mallika A.
Open to: 9 years old and older

Meeting Location: Virtual


Join us in the Dog Project. We will be teaching the skills necessary to compete in the fair: heeling, stays, sits, downs, recalls, Rally stations, Showmanship and Tunnel and weaves. We will learn about different breeds, how to groom a dog, etc. 4-Her must commit to training dogs at least 10 minutes a day 5 days a week. Training dogs is fun and requires a lot of repetition and time to refine skills and teamwork. Limited to 15 4-Hers and their dogs.

Sponsored: Cañada-Redwood City 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Brad Cassetta, bcassetta@aol.com
Open to: 9 yrs old and up (max 15)
Required: Dog(s)

Meeting Location:
San Mateo Dog Training Hall
595 Taylor Way #2, San Carlos, CA 94070

Equine Program

This SPIN program is intended to educate the participants as well as the broader equine community using the 4-H curriculum. There will also be a focus on ethology, mental and physical welfare, the latest research, equine issues around the world, and more. We will start online but may progress to some in-person meetings at Webb Ranch per the current recommendations. My current plan for a final project is a service-learning/grass-roots campaign built around a current equine welfare issue (local or national). This could be posters and flyers all the way to trying to effect legislative change.

Sponsored: Equine SPIN 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Jennifer Ott Cameron, jottcameron@yahoo.com
Open to: 9 and up (max 12)

Meeting Location: to be announced

Pen Pride

Pen Pride has been a tradition at the San Mateo County Fair for over 30 years. This is an educational fundraiser for the 4-H County Council. Youth learn how to raise and care for large animals which includes feeding, pen cleaning and exercising. A set schedule will be arranged for all participants.

Sponsored: Belmont 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Valerie Cintas, vkcintas@gmail.com
Youth Leader: Open
Open to: 9+

Meeting Location:
Crystal Springs 4-H Farm
924 Skyline Blvd, Burlingame CA 94010


Learn how to sew a quilt. New members will be working on one quilt were continuing members will work on other quilts. You could enter your finished quilt at the San Mateo County Craft Expo and/or San Mateo County Fair youth exhibit. Cost of quilt is $60.00 up. Project will start January 2021 depending on pandemic restrictions.

Sponsored: Belmont 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Evelyn Klein, eeklein@pacbell.net
Youth Leader: Open
Open to: 9 years and older (space is limited)

Meeting Location: Evelyn’s home

Public Speaking

The Public Speaking Project will focus on how video conferencing techniques play a role in online presentations. Participants will have the opportunity to practice organizing and making impromptu speeches while gaining an understanding of how to present a complimentary and supportive on-screen image.

Sponsored: Belmont 4-H Club
Adult Leader: Sandra Nalls, snallswfg@gmail.com
Youth Leader: Open
Open to: 7 years old and older

Meeting Location: virtual