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Commercial Livestock Disaster Pass and Disaster Preparedness Training

Butte County Commercial Livestock Disaster Pass and Emergency Preparedness Training 

March 24, 2021 and April 20, 2022

The University of California Cooperative Extension and the Butte County Agricultural Department coordinated with local agencies to establish a program to provide access to commercial livestock operators within evacuation zones to care for commercial cattle (over 50 head) and commercial beekeepers (over 50 hives). During times of restricted access caused by a natural disaster in Butte County, this program may enable owners the ability to feed, water, transport and medically treat large scale commercial livestock.  Following the Camp Fire and Northwest Complex fires in our community, there was widespread support from partner agencies to develop a pass program for commercial livestock operators.

“We recognize the need to have a systematic program in place that may enable owners’ access in restricted areas during a disaster to feed, water, transport and medically treat large scale commercial livestock," States Katharine Quist, Butte County Assistant Agricultural Commissioner. "There are thousands of acres of grazed rangeland in Butte County that are important for our local economy and play a key role in reducing fire fuels loads, this program is designed to support and provide assurances to commercial operators during times of a disaster.” 

 “We are thankful for Butte County local and state agencies coming together to create a program to support commercial livestock operations in the county during disasters in a way that works collaboratively with first responder personnel. Most ranchers, including my family, have been impacted by the fires in our community and this program gives us a peace of mind that during the next disaster we will be able to care for our animals and livelihoods.”  

There was tremendous support across Butte County local government to create this program for ranchers in Butte County, there are many UCCE advisors across the state working to create a similar livestock access program in their region too.

If you have questions on the Butte County Commercial Livestock Operator Disaster Pass  please contact Tracy Schohr, Butte County Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor, University of California tkschohr@ucdavis.edu or 916-716-2643.