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The ANR Repository is a place to put your stuff. Documents, photos, videos, audio, and other files can be safely stored in the ANR Repository. Give your files descriptive names and tags, and others will be able to find them using the powerful search tools.

Even if you don't have any files to contribute to the Repository, you can use the files that are there! Search on Bees or Plums and you'll find hundreds of quality images that you can use on your websites.

If you use the "My Collections" tool to gather files in the Repository, Site Builder can then deploy them to your site in a variety of appealing ways.

Adding the Repository Asset

Assuming you've created a collection in the Repository, you can quickly add the Repository asset to your site and be displaying the content you selected. Start by adding the Repository asset.

Options in the Repository Asset

Once the asset is initialized, you can edit the name and toggle the visibility of asset title on the page. There's a bit of explanation of file use following these options. Please be sure to read this information before committing the asset to the page.

The last two options control which collection you will use and how you wish to display the files. Let's take a closer look at the four display options and then the file detail page.

Repository Display Options

Bulleted Link List

Display option - bulleted link list

This is a good option for displaying many files at once with limited information. It will create a simple bullet list with links to the file details. Note that once you select your collection, the items will appear in the asset. You can use the sort arrows or drag 'n drop to reorganize the files in your collection.

View of a  sample bulleted link list

This is how the bulleted link list will appear on a page. When the user clicks on a link, they'll move to the file detail page.

Image Gallery

Image gallery options

Select the image gallery, and the images in your collection will be displayed as thumbnails. There are two main options for this display style: border and captions. Select border, and the thumbnails will get a gray and black border around the images. Select caption, and the name of the item will appear under the image.

Along with the caption checkbox, you'll see an option to adjust the number of lines for the captions. This will help you create enough space under the image to include the entire caption.

Image gallery sample

This is an example of the image gallery display option with the caption and border properties enabled. When the user clicks on a thumbnail, they'll move to the file detail page.

Repository Style

Repository style display option

The ANR Repository has a default style for displaying files as users browse. This includes a thumbnail of any images, if available, the file name and description. Enabling this display option produces a very clean, more detailed view of the content.

Repository style sample

This is an example of the Repository style display option. When the user clicks on a row, they'll move to the file detail page.


Repository Shuffle display option

The Repository shuffle option is great for any page where you'd like to display larger images or images that change with every page load. There are a number of options for this display type.

  • Display Captions - Enable this option to show the file name under the image.
  • Display Border - Add a high-quality border to your images. Make them pop.
  • Randomize Items on Load - Enable this option, and Site Builder will select a random image to show every time the page loads. The more images you have in your collection, the more random this feature becomes! Here's a bit more on how random our random function is.
  • Display Number Item List - This option will place a list of numbers under the image, allowing users to cycle through the images.
  • Display Link to Collection - Adds a link under the image to display the file detail view for the entire collection.

Repository shuffle sample

This is an example of the Repository shuffle display option. When the user clicks on an image or the collection link, they'll move to the file detail page.

File Detail Page

File detail sample

The Repository asset will ultimately take users to a file detail page, where an expanded set of information is displayed. Under the file details, a numbered list will appear for users to access any other items in your collection. Also, at the top of the page, a link will appear for users to view the entire collection, which will display the file details for every item in your collection!