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Polls are fun! Polls are interactive! Occasionally, polls can even be useful in gathering information. Creating and deploying a poll is a quick and painless process in Site Builder 3. To create a poll, click the "Poll" link in the left navigation of Site Builder.

Creating a Poll

You will see a list of polls that exist on the site, if there are any. You will also see the number of votes cast, the results, page deployment and options to edit or delete the poll. Creating a poll is the first step, and you can do this by click the "Create New Poll" button in the blue subnavigation bar.

Adding the question and answers to your poll

Complete the form for you poll. You can select from four different display types for the results and enter four maximum answers. If you input less than four answers, the poll will still function. Once your poll is ready, save it and move on to deploying the poll asset on a page!

Putting the Poll on the Page

Deploying the poll asset

After you've created your poll, you're ready to put in on a page and start watching the votes roll in! Start by adding a new asset and selecting "Poll" from the dropdown list.

Poll asset details

Once the asset initializes, you'll be asked which poll you'd like to use. Select it and save. You're poll is ready!

The actual poll

Once you vote, you will be shown the results of the poll. These results are also displayed in Site Builder on the main list of Polls mentioned earlier on this help page.