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Staff / Faculty List

The Staff / Faculty list allows you to create Staff and/or Faculty lists. The lists themselves can be fed from a specific unit, workgroup, or be a custom list of individuals. The advantages of the Unit / Workgroup lists and user-information is that they are self maintained. This means that when information changes about the list or a person it should be updated through the ANR Directory within a relatively quickly.

About the Sources

All data in the Staff / Faculty list comes from the ANR Directory. However, the different sources display the lists differently. The different sources are:


Units display all the members of a particular unit. They begin by displaying the information about the unit at the top. Then the Unit Director next, and following are the rest of the members in alphabetical order.


Workgroups like units display information in a logical order specific to workgroups. The information displayed in the following order:
  1. Workgroup Information
  2. Workgroup Summary
  3. Annual Reports
  4. Workgroup Chairs
  5. Aphabetical list of Workgroup Members


Custom lists are customizable lists that you make yourself, and display in alphabetical order. To create a custom list first search for the person you are looking for.
Search for Staff / Faculty member

Search for Staff / Faculty member

After finding the person in the search then click on their name and they will be added to the list.
Sample view of a custom list

Sample view of a custom list

Creating a Staff / Faculty List

You can create a Staff / Faculty list two different ways. One is through the Asset Options form. Click on "Edit / Create List" next to the Staff / Faculty List Drop Down. This will take you to the page to create a new list.

The other way is through the Site Builder 3.0 administration left hand menu. This takes you to a staff list management too for your site. Here you will find all the Staff / Faculty lists created for this site. They can be managed here as well as created.
Staff / Faculty List Link

Staff / Faculty List Link

Creating a new Staff / Faculty List involves naming the list, choosing the list source (list type), selecting which data to show, and selecting a list from the Unit lists, Workgroup lists, or building a Custom list.
New Staff / Faculty List

New Staff / Faculty List

The Staff / Faculty Asset

After your Staff / Faculty list has been created all that is left in the asset is to pick the list you want to use.
Staff / Faculty Asset - Choose List

Staff / Faculty Asset - Choose List

Example Staff / Faculty Lists

Here's some example staff / faculty lists. These allow you to view the differences in the different list types. Also don't forget to click on a fer people's names so you can get a good ideas of the range of data displayed for each person.

View Sample Unit List...

View Sample Workgroup List...

View Sample Custom List...