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ANR Job Board

Adding Job Asset
ANR has its very own job posting system. It feeds the state site, and it can feed your site, too!

The ANR Job Board system sets opening and closing dates for jobs, includes any necessary applications and descriptions, and tags the county or area where the job will take place.

To add job postings to your site, create a new asset (Creating an Asset) and select the "ANR Job Board" asset from the dropdown menu. The asset will initialize and provide you with some options.

The ANR Job Board Asset

You can now select the type of jobs you would like to show: Academic, Administrative/Staff, or both. Beyond this you can select the jobs by county or combination of counties. Save your asset, and it will instantly appear on your site, provided that there are jobs available that match your criteria.

Jobs in Display

If no jobs are found, the asset disappears completely. Otherwise, each job will be listed with the newest postings at the top. When visitors click the job title, they will view the full job details and applications, if included.

A single job view