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Directions Working Example

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Get Directions

Directions Asset

The Directions Asset displays your unit address or a custom address and gives users the ability to get directions to this address from any other location. Let's take a look at how to use it.

Create a Directions Asset

Create an asset and from the Asset Type drop down choose "Directions".

Directions Asset Options

When the directions asset loads it will look to see if this site is connected with an ANR Unit. If it is connected with an ANR Unit then you will see the "Unit Connection Detected". If this connection is available then you can choose to enter a custom address or let the address be populated by the Unit address. If you choose to use the Unit address you will not see the address information populated in the form. The other option is to fill out the address information. To use the custom address make sure the Directions Type is set to "Use Custom".

Directions Options

Directions Options


Getting Directions

When using the getting directions click on "Get Directions" and you will see the form below. Enter the address from where you need directions from and click the "Get Directions" button.




The directions are from Google and the results will be displayed in line by line directions, and below that a map showing the directions path. 
Directions Results

Directions Results