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HLA Application and Info

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Spring 2019 Program

Important Dates...

HLA Orientation... Saturday, March 2, 2019 from 9am to 3:55pm at UC Elkus Ranch at 1500 Purisima Way, Half Moon Bay. We will do our best to coordinate rides with other HLA youth/parents that are attending. Parents are welcome to attend for the first hour of Orientation! Light Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks are provided. (Mandatory)

HLA Mid-Program Check-in... Saturday, April 27, 2019 from 10am to 1pm. Lunch will be provided. (Mandatory)

HLA Thank You/Closing Event... is TBD, but expected to occur between May 20- 24. Dinner will be provided. (Optional, but encouraged to attend)

How to Apply...

Application Opens...December 1st, 2018

Admission is on a Rolling Basis with limited spots, please get your applications and Adult/Teacher Recommendation Forms in as soon as possible to complete your Spring 2019 HLA Program Application

 HLA Application*

...Online Application (link open: )

...PDF Application (link open:

...Save and send completed form to

Adult/Teacher Recommendation Form*

...Online Application (link open:

...PDF Application (link:

...Save and send completed form to 

 *HLA Application and Recommendation Forms are required

Application is Closed**

**Pescadero HS application due date extended to February 15, 2019


If you have been accepted to the HLA Program, Teens will need to enroll in 4-H (Enrollment fee waived). Enrollment in HLA program requires Parent/Guardian signature. More information will be given when accepted.

...4-H Youth Enrollment Info (link coming soon)

HLA School Sites and Days...


HLA sites get 1-hour Garden/Nutrition/Physical Activity lessons twice-a-week, with one team of HLAs teach on Day A, and the other team of HLAs teach on Day B.

Below you can see how many Teens have been accepted into each site and day.

Daly City

  • Woodrow Wilson Elementary
    • A (Monday): 0/4 teens
    • B (Wednesday): 0/4 teens
  • Garden Village Elementary
    • A (Wednesday): 0/4 teens
    • B (Friday): 0/4 teens
  • JFK Elementary
    • A (Tuesday): 0/4 teens
    • B (Thursday): 0/4 teens

San Mateo

  • San Mateo Park School
    • A (Monday): 0/4 teens
    • B (Wednesday): 0/4 teens

Redwood City

  • Fair Oaks Elementary
    • A (Tuesday): 0/4 teens
    • B (Friday): 0/4 teens


  • Pescadero Elementary
    • A (TBD): 0/4 teens
    • B (TBD): 0/4 teens


Questions? Please reach out!

Email Will Easlea, Healthy Living Ambassador Coordinator, at 

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Healthy Living Ambassador Role and Responsibility


  • Serve as a positive role model
  • Serve as a team player with HLA team and UCCE Educator
  • Practice patience, listening skills, focus
  • Engage with the students to cultivate curiosity and interest


  • Arrive on time to Lessons and come prepared with knowledge of days lesson/activities
  • Help coordinate set-up and break-down of lesson activities.
  • Lead lessons with HLA team, whether it is in the garden or the classroom.
  • Follow Lesson progression in Curriculum learned at Orientation.
  • Participate in group activities, and engage students. Promote group participation.
  • Respect all students, HLA, and staff. Use only appropriate language and gestures.
  • Follow rules and directions given by School/site Leaders.
  • Communicate issues/challenges with UCCE Educator and/or School/site Leader.
  • Ensure safety and supervision of all students and team.
  • Promote and inspire a love and respect of nature and nutrition in all students.

Schedule & Time Commitment:

  • 2 hours a week, once-a-week from 3:30 to 5:30 and 30-60 min lesson review on own time
  • March through May, 2019: Prep Day + Lessons 1-10 of Learn, Grow, Eat, and GO! Curriculum
  • Attend HLA Orientation (Mandatory)
  • Attend HLA Mid-program Check-in (Mandatory)
  • Attend HLA Closing Event (Optional, but encouraged)


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