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Drip and Micro Irrigation Design and Management

This book by Dr. Charles Burt and Stuart Styles from the Cal Poly Irrigation & Technology Research Center is an excellent technical resource covering many aspects of vineyard irrigation systems. It is available for purchase at the following website:

Drip and Micro Irrigation Design and Management



Deficit irrigation of quality winegrapes

The UCCE booklet titled "Deficit Irrigation of Quality Winegrapes Using Micro-Irrigation Techniques" by Dr. Terry Prichard and other UCCE academics summarizes the fundamental aspects of vineyard irrigation management:

Deficit Irrigation of Quality Winegrapes Using Micro-Irrigation Techniques



Washington State University irrigation information

The climate conditions in Eastern Washington have many similarities with the inland areas of the Central Coast. The following WSU website has useful information for managing vineyard irrigation:

WSU vineyard irrigation information

The following WSU article is a good basic resource for understanding vine water needs and irrigation strategies:

Irrigation Basics for Eastern Washington Vineyards




Irrigation scheduling calculators

The Irrigation Converter spreadsheet is an Excel file for converting irrigation amounts from units such as 'hours of runtime' or 'gallons per vine' to inches of water depth. This conversion is useful for comparing individual vineyard water use to the results of our ongoing regional studies:

Irrigation converter


Irrigation water quality assessement

The following guidelines will be very useful to help with the interpretation of laboratory water analysis data for assessing the suitability of water for irrigation use in general:

Irrigation water analysis guidelines

Soil Survey information

The following two websites have Soil Survey information available online; this online information is replacing the older print versions of the Soil Survey documents:

California Soil Resource Lab at UC Davis:


NRCS Web Soil Survey:



California Water Atlas

The original California Water Atlas was published as a large format book in 1979. This amazingly detailed resource is now available online at the following website:



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