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Photography tips (Strat Comm)

7 powerful Photography tips (Youtube 6:41)

Tips and image access (Strat Com)

More on image use:

  • Use original writing, photographs, and/or artwork that don’t closely paraphrase/mimic another person’s work in part or in whole.
  • Publish only work that (1) has already passed into the public domain, (2) the original creator has placed in the public domain, (3) the original author has published under a Creative Commons license (and abide by the terms of that license), or (4) for which you have obtained clear, unambiguous written permission from the copyright holder to publish in the form and format you have chosen.

Here is the link to the national training resource

Access to royalty free photos. There are various options. Try  unsplash.com or pixabay.com

Repository (ANR) - a versatile, easy-to-use online storage site where you can archive and share digital images, forms, documents, audio or video files, anything in digital form.


Video Development

How to make How-to videos