UCCE Master Gardener Program of Riverside County
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UCCE Master Gardener Program of Riverside County

School/Children's/Youth Gardens

Master Gardeners are trained by the University of California Cooperative Extension to provide the gardeners of Riverside County with research-based information to promote environmentally responsible and sustainable horticultural practices. Master Gardeners participate entirely on a volunteer basis, not as paid employees.

Our goal as volunteer consultants is to help organizations interested in creating or sustaining children’s gardens, school gardens, or outdoor learning environments, develop goals or focuses for their gardens, and help educate gardeners step by step as they plan and execute their gardens. All of Riverside County’s currently certified Master Gardeners have been finger-printed and have passed background screening by the California Department of Justice.

A Master Gardener volunteer consultant may help you:

  • Determine objectives for the garden and student or children’s involvement
  • Evaluate the garden site for soil suitability, orientation, size, etc.
  • Determine basic needs (tools, irrigation, fencing, storage) including information about newer technology such as hydro and aero-ponics, towers, etc.
  • Make choices on bed size, soil preparation, composting, weed and pest control, and summer/off season maintenance
  • Determine plant materials or seeds to be planted and when to plant
  • Identify the level of support needed from parents, teachers, and children and/or community leaders/members
  • Provide educational resources and support for your garden team. While we can provide educational support for classes, age appropriate presentations, demonstrations, or hands on activities, we cannot teach children’s classes without a teacher or children’s leader present, nor can we supervise children’s behavior. We can help you identify standards and curriculum that activities support.
  • Provide resources that will help you find grants that you can write to support your garden needs

Master Gardener volunteer consultants act as mentors and do their best to assist you with advice, support, and educational resource information to help you achieve your goals for a successful and sustainable garden project. Its ultimate success depends upon your dedication and willingness to supply and organize the labor to accomplish all of the related tasks.

To request assistance from a Master Gardener, contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator, Rosa Olaiz by email or phone:
(951) 683-6491 ext. 230

Request for Master Gardener Consultant form Request for Consultant - Schools

Kinder in the Garden - Sample Class Curriculum: Kinder in the Garden Program

School Garden Lessons & Documents

UCCE Master Gardeners of Riverside County have developed a series of School Garden Online Lessons for teachers, parents, students and the public. Download the Contents for easy reference.

Number Title Type Date Added
00-001 (203KB)


PDF 11/18/20
01-001 (653KB)

Good Garden Citizenship for Young Children

PDF 11/22/20
01-002 (382KB)

Seeds for Pre-K to Grade 2

PDF 11/22/20
01-003 (690KB)

Water and Plants for Young Child

PDF 11/22/20
01-004 (2,468KB)

Bees for K to Grade 2

PDF 11/22/20
03-002 (1,637KB)

Plants Need Healthy Soil - Grades 3-5

PDF 11/23/20
03-003 (1,081KB)

Plants Need Water - Grades 3-5

PDF 11/23/20
03-004 (1,662KB)

Compost for Healthy Soil - Grades 3-5

PDF 11/23/20
03-005 (989KB)

Pollination: Why We Need Bees - Grades 3-5

PDF 11/23/20
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