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Custom Map - Adding Locations by Map

A major portion of the Custom Map Asset is adding locations to the map. This section will lead you through adding locations to maps from an address. This assumes that you know that locations address.

Adding a New Location

To add a new location click on "Add Custom Location".

Add New Location

Add New Location


Adding a Location by Map

This will open a menu in a new window. This menu will have 2 options:

  • Enter an Address to determine location.
  • Select a point on a map for the location.

Select the top option "Select a point on a map for the location."

Enter Location from Map

Enter Location from Map

This brings up a map. Over the top of this map are instructions on how to use the map. In this map you can select a location by clicking directly on the map. In addition to this you can outline an area on the map. This area is displayed on the map along with the pinpoint location.
Create Location from Map

Create Location from Map

Setting a Pin Point

To select a location for a pin point, click the pin point button on the map. Then click anywhere on the map. If you want to move the pin point marker, the marker can be dragged by clicking on it and dragging it. Or you can choose a new location by clicking on a new location on the map.

Creating an Area on the Map

Creating an area can be done by clicking in several locations on the map. Each new click will place a new marker on the map. When there are at least three markers the area is filled in. You can keep clicking on the map to add as many markers as you like. Each marker can be moved by dragging it. Markers can be deleted by clicking on the marker then selecting the "delete" link. If you need to delete the entire area then you need to delete each orange marker individually.
Edit Area on Map

Edit Area on Map

When your finished click "Enter Location Details >>". This takes you to the address form where you will need to enter a location name and address for the map location.

The Location Details

If the pin point you selected is not too far from a road you will notice that the Address has been pre-populated. This gets the nearest street address that is closest to the selected point and populates the address form with this address. If the address you have for a location is different then change this address. The address does not need to match the location picked on the map. An example of this would be a location that is in one location and has a different mailing address.

Changing the Location Type

The situation may arise where you begin by entering an address only to find out the address is wrong or is not being displayed properly on the preview. This can be easily fixed by clicking the "Edit Map" button. This switches the Location type to be selectable from the map. This takes you to the map where you can update the pin point location on the map, and keep the same address information.

A similar situation may occur when entering a map location. Once you get to the preview page click Edit Address, and the location will switch to the "address" type. This will move the pin point based upon the address entered. This can be changed at any time.

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