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4-H Farms


In San Mateo County, we have five local 4-H farms. These farms are active agriculture laboratories where youth members learn about gardening and livestock, participate in service learning activities, and engage in science, engineering, and technology experiments…sometimes without even knowing it!

All the farms are run by volunteers and supported by the local 4-H club and community. Our farms are always looking for volunteers with experience or interest in farm management and livestock, and also depend on donations from generous community supporters to remain open for 4-H young people. To start supporting this valuable program, check out our Volunteer Positions or make a Donation today!   


Crystal Springs Farm

Crystal Springs 4-H Farm


Crystal Springs Farm has been in continual use by 4-H youth in the community since 1968. This 55-year-old private farm, which 4-H leases from the Water Shed Land Management/San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, is just off of highway 280. Originally called Burlingame-San Mateo Farm, the name changed in the 1990’s when the farm began to be used by the Belmont 4-H Club as well as the Burlingame-San Mateo Club. The largest 4-H farm in the San Mateo/SF 4-H network, 4-H’ers can apply to raise several types of livestock species for competition at the annual San Mateo County Fair. The types of animals 4-H members can raise are steers, goats, lambs, hogs, free-range turkeys, and chickens. This farm is a great resource to our 4-H youth and part of the invaluable experiential learning opportunities that 4-H provides.





Pacifica Farm

Pacifica 4-H Farm


The first Pacifica farm was established in 1976 and was located on Pito Ranch in Linda Mar. In 1986, Pacifica club lost access to the land and farm. It was not until 1995, after much searching and community outreach, that Pacifica found a new farm home at its present location behind Linda Mar School. 4-H’ers at this farm raise steers, sheep, goats, hogs, turkeys, and chickens. There is also a garden project.

4-H farms take a lot of work, and Pacifica farm is no exception. Many improvements have been completed in recent years and members of the Pacifica club have done outreach and fundraisers to purchase sturdy tools to maintain the farm property and livestock. Pacifica 4-H members take their responsibilities on the farm very seriously and actively participate in making their farm a safe, fun space for learning and growing.

One popular project at the farm is the Pastured Poultry Project which was established in 2006 by Drew Hogan. This is where many young members are first introduced to animal care on the farm and learn about sustainable farming as they work together to take care of a flock of egg producing hens. Young members are often inspired by this experience to explore raising other species of animals and continue learning through other 4-H projects.




San Bruno/South SF Farm

San Bruno 4-H Farm


The Farm is situated on lands donated by the San Bruno Park School District and San Francisco Airport Commission and is located adjacent to Belle Air Elementary School. Built in 1969 with generous efforts by the local Lions and Rotary Clubs, the farm houses many species of animals including steers, pigs, lambs, goats, turkeys, and chickens. Over the past two years, the farm buildings and grounds have been renewed through generous support from the San Bruno Lions Club and Artichoke Joe’s.









San Carlos/Eaton Hills Farm

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