Healthy Living Ambassadors Program

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The Healthy Living Ambassador Program

The Healthy Living Ambassador Program (HLA) is a collaboration between the Calfresh Healthy Living, UC and 4-H Program, it follows a Teens-as-Teachers model. Once-a-week, in a team of Teens, between 12-19 years old, you work together to teach Elementary students after school. HLA Teens are trained in Gardening, Physical Activity, and Nutrition for each program. This program is open to San Francisco and San Mateo County teens.
The HLA Program and 4-H aim to meaningfully engage teens in service-learning activities that promote the health and well-being of their communities while providing them with skill building and leadership opportunities! We work hard to engage youth to reach their fullest potential!
HLA Teens can earn Community Service hours, network with professionals in various fields, and can have a great program to add to any resume or college application! And because it is a 4-H program, HLA Teens have access to a number of other resources, like Nation-wide Conferences, Local events, and Scholarships!

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HLA Program History

We are looking forward to working with San Francisco and San Mateo Teens to teach and learn!

The Spring '20 program was cancelled for healthy and safety for COVID-19.

We kicked off a Pilot program this Fall '19 season. With 7 teens at 2 schools, we did 6 weeks of Physical Activity lessons! Following the CATCH curriculum, we introduced 45 kids to fun games! With great feedback from our HLA Fall Teens, we hope to extend Fall '20 to everyone!

We are so proud of all the HLA Teens that participated in the Spring 2019 Program, we had 31 Teens participate, 13 of which were a part of past programs! We taught 118 3rd graders about Gardening and Nutrition, and played fun Physical Activity games as well! These 1 hour lessons  encouraged healthy eating and healthy living. For our hardworking HLA Teens, we hosted an HLA Event halfway through the program, the Midway Meeting, at a Food+ Tech Company called Yummly, and it was a fun success full of food, networking opportunities, cutting edge tech. We received valuable feedback from our HLAs that helped the program improve immediately, and will help our future programs. At the end of the program we celebrated our HLAs with a (healthy) Pizza Party! We are looking forward to working with our HLAs next year!

In Spring 2018, our 5th year of the Healthy Living Ambassador Garden Program, we trained 42 teens to teach at 6 different Elementary School Garden sites, including 2 new sites.  It was a great success. Returning HLAs served as strong mentors to new HLAs. They passed on skills and knowledge and had a great time! Everyone brought their own authentic experiences and made strong connections with the 3rd graders! We are very proud of everyone!

In the Spring of 2017, 38 teens taught at 5 different elementary schools and we reached approximately 125 students each week across San Mateo and San Francisco Counties. These students received 2 hours of instruction a week by HLAs.

In the Spring of 2016, 42 teens worked at 6 different elementary school garden sites. 2 hours of Garden and Nutrition reached 165 elementary students each week across San Mateo and San Francisco Counties, delivered by the HLA Teen Teachers. 

In the Spring of 2015, 33 teens worked at 5 different elementary school garden sites, and taught 400 students about garden and nutrition in a 1 hour session. 

The HLA Program began in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties in 2014.

HLA Program Coordinators

The Healthy Living Ambassadors (HLA) Garden Program is a collaboration of the Calfresh Healthy Living, UC and the 4-H Youth Development Program.


CalFresh Healthy Living, UC HLA Coordinator is Will Easlea. Please feel free to reach out and contact him at

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4-H and Healthy Living Ambassadors Program are educational programs of UC-Cooperative Extension. If you are interested in learning more, contact