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4-H in San Mateo/San Francisco Counties


Each month, we produce a short newsletter which includes announcements and the county 4-H calendar. Quarterly, a larger newsletter, including articles and photos is published. 

We need your announcements, articles, and photos! Submissions for Highlights Newsletter are due by the 20th of each month to Jessica Guild (jguild@ucanr.edu). 

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Issue Articles Type Date Added
April 2014 (303KB) PDF 4/8/14
March 2014 (312KB) PDF 3/3/14
February 2014 (371KB) PDF 2/10/14
January 2014 (456KB) PDF 2/10/14
December 2013 (5,250KB) PDF 2/10/14
November 2013 (647KB) PDF 2/10/14
October 2013 (1,169KB) PDF 2/10/14
September 2013 (17,529KB) PDF 2/10/14
June 2013 (2,835KB) PDF 2/10/14
May 2013 (3,222KB) PDF 2/10/14
April 2013 (5,192KB) PDF 2/10/14
March 2013 (3,387KB) PDF 2/10/14
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